Saroj Kasaju‘अजेय’ ‘Ajey‘ of eFloraofIndia


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‘अजेय’ ‘Ajey‘- Title for Saroj Kasaju

In view of outstanding contributions and dedication of life for the cause of eFloraofindia, it has been decided to confer the title of ‘अजेय’ ‘Ajey’ (Invincible) on Saroj Kasaju ji.
Thanks, Saroj ji, for your dedication, which will keep all of us inspired for the future journey.

It’ll be an appropriate title to respected Saroj Sir.

Oh, what an appreciation ! I am overwhelmed!
Thank you … and all respectable members!

Congratulations Saroj ji.

This is just a recognition of your great service to the botanical community during the last 4-5 years. You are a true asset for the group, working tirelessly.

Heartily Congratulations …, and a perfect title given by …

Hi Ajeya ji.

…, this title suits you wonderfully and aptly.

Congratulations, … Indeed, you are invincible. Keep up the good work

Congrats Saroj ji! The title perfectly suits you!

A page has been created, available at home page at

Master of plant IDs. Hearty congratulations Saroj ji for your outstanding contribution. I think you think & breath plant taxonomy.

Congratulations, it is really a noble work that you are doing….!!
Your consistency is really unmatched, hope to get a long and strong contribution to floristic documentation in Indo-Nepal region in particular, and to entire other parts of India through your expert advice..

Appropriate title for Saroj Ji.

Heartiest congratulations Sir
It’s appreciation of your hard work and dedication. Keep up the good work keep posting

Congratulations Saroj Kumar Kasaju ji for completing 40,000 posts

Congratulate Saroj Kasaju ji crossing 35000 posts


Saroj Kasaju ji achieves 30,000 messages landmark

Saroj Kasaju ji achieves 25,000 messages landmark

I am really happy to announce that Saroj Kasaju ji has achieved a landmark of 25,000 messages.

He came as a God sent messenger to us in 2016 like Singh ji was before that, to fulfill vacuum which was left after greats like Gurcharan Singh ji, Balkar ji, Vijaysankar ji, Pankaj ji, Dinesh ji, Nidhan ji, Santhosh ji, Tapas ji, Surajit ji, Shrikant ji, Tabish ji, Giby ji, Rawat ji and many other experts either retreated or reduced their day to day involvement in efloraofindia group activities.

Since July 2016, he has been the Most Interactive Person/ Star Expert every month.
He started just like a layman, initially photographing plants and posting them for identification. As the time passed, he is now an Expert in his own right with great knowledge of Flora of the Indian subcontinent, with a lot of field experience. Flora of Nepal is seen more here than anywhere else, as far as photographs are concerned. He now looks at each and every post and is generally the first to give his feedback.
In the current scenario, the more you say about his contributions, it is actually less. He seems to have fully dedicated himself to the cause of efloraofindia.

Thanks, Saroj ji, for your untiring efforts and contributions.

Kudos Saroj ji !!!!

I would say – your dedication of posting flora of Nepal (and any other places of your visits) is beyond comparison. No one can match your ultra high number of postings per month, presently OR even in future !!! And the quality of posts is as great as the quantity. And as Garg ji said, your contributions towards IDs or feedback, is gaining credibility, thus becoming an expert in your own rights.

Congratulations, Saroj ji. Great job!

Truly amazing feat by Saroj ji. After resuming my normal activity after a gap of few years, in last four to five months, I have seen him to be the most active, commenting on almost every post and identifying many new plants in the group, maintaining the patent tradition of humility in the group, set by … and maintained by all of us. Thanks Saroj ji for your great contributions to the group in the last few years.

I am overwhelmed by you loving words …!

Many many congratulations for this superb feat and heartfelt gratitude for your contributions

Kudos Saroj ji, 💥💥💥🙏🙇

Hearty congratulations Saroj Ji. I appreciate your enthusiasm, energy, dedication and commitment.


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