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Flora picture of the year 2011: I have already created the blog for the best images of 2011 sent by members of Efloraofindia.Only 3 entries received so far.
It will get updated as more entries start pouring. I am expecting huge response this year.
Hurry up ! Go back and check your images and try to find the best image you have clicked in 2011 and send it to the group with subject line “Flora picture of the year 2011”
Please do not forget to narrate the story or any incidence or any memorable event associated with the photograph or while capturing it.
For new members who joined this year.
The earlier best images can be observed on the following blog.

Mine was the first sent on 2nd January.
I hope you will incorporate it or instruct me how to proceed.

A new feature on the blog : You can click on any picture. The full set is visible and can be scrolled in the form of slideshow operated by arrow Keys or click

The blog “Flora picture of the year 2011” has been updated up to 15th Jan 2012 which was set as last day for receiving entries.
30 members gave their photo entries. Thanks for the very good response.
All entries were very valuable in the form of quality as well as some associated memory at the time of catching the photograph.
I couldn’t respond each member individually to appreciate it. I take this opportunity to thank each member for posting his or her wonderful memories with photographs.

I have put up the stories narrated by members with each photograph.
… picture didn’t have any story but it evoked some good responses; so I have compiled them with the photograph.
I hope I have not missed out anything. If there are any corrections or omissions please let me know on my email address.

Blog is looking too good. Nice composition and compilation.
Thanks to all the contributors for sharing the “Flora picture of the year 2011” .

I have given a link to this blog along with some of my own photographs on facebook.

Really a nice work and great efforts, …
Would it be possible to provide eFI link to the respective post, in order for the readers to get to know actual context and related interactions?