Managing your gmails in a better way

Dear members,

This will help you in managing your Efloraofindia mails better by creating separate folders.

Steps are given below:

1) Select any ‘Efloraofindia’ mail

2) Click: More actions

3) Click: Filter messages like these

4) It will automatically show: Has the words: list: ()

5) Click: Next Step

6) In the menu- Apply the label: Choose label…Click: down arrow for the drop down menu

7) In that Click: New label

8) Enter the name “Efloraofindia”

9) You will see the message in a box: Your filter is created.

10) Click/ Select on the next box saying: Also apply filter to … conversations below.


Also mark important mails which you want to see & reply later as ‘starred’ by clicking on * (star) against the mail. You can see these starred mails later by clicking on ‘Starred’ folder on the left side below Spam folder etc.


One can delete mail of a particular e-group (created as a separate Folder) in this way instead of deleting messages date wise, if mail capacity is filled up.


Also use ‘Personal level indicators’ in your Gmail. It’s highly useful.

Follow the following steps:

1. Click on ‘Settings’ at the top right corner in you Gmail.

2. Go to ‘Personal level indicators’ & Select ‘Show indicators – Display an arrow ( › ) by messages sent to my address (not a mailing list) and a double arrow ( » ) by messages sent only to me.’
3. Click on ‘Save changes’ at the bottom.
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