Year 2009- What it meant for Indiantreepix
I state a few points as below:
1. Lot of experts joined- Kudos to their selfless service
2. Membership increased from around 600 members to around 1120 members.
3. I think more than 90% species posted got identified.
4. Every month around 100 new species added to the Indiantreepix Database.
5. Average messages per month increased from 500 nos. to 1500 nos. (max. being 2600 in a month)
6. Though credit goes to lot of people for this excellent performance (including all the moderators)- Star of the year were Sh. Dinesh Valke & Sh. Gurcharan Singh- who infused new life in it. I hope they take the baton from me in the coming future.
7. Moderators increased from around 5 to 14 now.
8. Spams were negligible.

With regards,
J.M.Garg (