Checklist of grasses of India : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (1)- 3 mb. 
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1) if they have triangular stem/culm they are cyperaceae, 2) if they have (flat or) round hollow stem they are usually poaceae; except that some may be juncaceae. The following links have more details –

Poaceae week: interactive key for identification : Hope all of you are getting ready for the Poaceae week. Kindly post your photos even if you are not sure whether the plant is a grass or not. We will request the experts to do the classification and identify them accordingly.

I am attaching two files which you can kindly download into a single folder. Also download the intkey32.exe file from link. Run the intk32.exe file to install the DELTA software. (I cannot attach the .exe file as Gmail does not allow .exe files to be attached. On running the software, you will be asked to browse for the initiation file, for which you can give the file. This is a interactive identification software and database developed by Kew Botanic Gardens. There are above 11000 grass species in this database. You can shortlist the species based on region – India. For this, you have to click on the icon ‘natural order’ and then go to almost the end of the list of characters to find ‘Asia-Tropical’. Click on it and then click India. So, the list will come down to 1343 taxa. Feel free to experiment with the interactive database. It has several features of interactive identification you will love to play with. For any doubts, feel free to interact. You can also select two or more taxa and click the middle green icon of two intersecting circles to know the differences between the selected taxa. You may have to be online while running the programme for the first time.

Will look into the zipped folder as soon as possible; and also experiment with the interactive ID software.
The week is going to be very exciting for sure.

Thanks … for uploading these two important files. The members should find it a good learning process. … you will surely enjoy the interactive key, once you have set it on your computer. I had developed two DELTA keys for University students, one for genera and one for families in undergraduate courses in DU. They are really interesting to develop and work with. You can run the keys easily but to develop key using Delta editor you need to have Windows XP, it does not work on Windows 7 unless you install XP under virtual machine under Windows 7. 

Poaceae, Cyperaceae and Juncaceae Week (Grasses, sedges and rushes): April 1 to 7, 2013-Coordinator Dr. Manoj Chandran :

After discussions it has been decided to include Cyperaceae and Juncaceae also in Poaceae Week, since these three families are closely related and often confused especially by those not well versed with botany. The important links giving differences between these families are given in links in the original post
I am repeating them again:
This page should prove helpful
This should be helpful in differentiating the three groups
As already mentioned the duration of the week may be extended depending on the number of uploads received from members. … will take a final decision on that.

Details of genera (clicking on a link of genera will give species as available under them) as available in efi site:
Poaceae genera (114): …………………..



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