Suaeda fruticosa (L.) Forsk. ex Gmel.;

by Mohina Macker (Identified by Rohit Kumar & pankaj Kumar) &  Sangeeta (Identified by Anil Kumar) (Inserted by J.M.Garg)




Is it some species of Purselane (010509YS1-4), Delhi : 3 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (4)
Looks like some purselane, succulent leaf. Spreading over barren ground. Delhi, today. 
Wonder if it is Sesuvium portulacastrum? If yes, is it found in Delhi also?

it is sueada fruticosa (most probably)
coz for correct identification specimen r required.

Thanks, …
Links for Sueada fruticosa: (desc. from FOP- Why don’t we have Flora of India on similar lines?), (a pix),


sedum species : 4 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (2)
I would really be happy if this sedum can be identified. Saw it recently at tal chappar, which is a small desert sanctuary near Jaipur

Suaeda fruticosa (L.) Forsk. ex Gmel. or Suaeda nudiflora (Willd.) Moq. of Chenopodiaceae family

Suaeda fruticosa!
Leaves give a look of Crassulaceae though it is Chenopodiaceae.


Please help me identify this : 4 posts by 2 authors. 5 images.

I went to collect some plant samples in Rajasthan (2nd Sept 2017) for my research work. I found a very interesting plant that is perfect for my abiotic stress tolerance study. I have got some pictures (attached in this mail).
Following the efloraindia website, I don’t have any doubt it is Suaeda maritima, but in few publications, they mentioned that Suaeda fruticosa is found in that area, not S. maritima.
Can you please help me whether the plant is S. maritima or S. fruticosa.

Suaeda fruticosa (L.) Forsk.Suaeda maritima are accepted names. 

S.maritimaFlowers sessile, in cymose axillary clusters or terminal spike like branches up to 15cm; usually bisexual, 5merous, regular. Tepals 5, connate basally, lobes ovate, green, often succulent, with membranous margins, persistent, after anthesis usually enlarged, or becoming spongy throughout. Stamens 5, antitepalous, filaments inserted in lower part of tepals, anthers unappendaged, globose, exerted. Ovary superior, ovoid; style absent; stigmas 2 or 3, rarely more, usually subulate, papillose throughout, spreading in pistillate flowers usually much longer. Drupe 2mm with persistent perianth. 
S.fruticosa -Flowers minute, in dense clusters on terminal branched or simple spikes to 10- 15 cm long.  Bracts and bracteoles membranous. Bisexual flowers drum-shaped, female flowers ovoid to ellipsoid. Tepals in bisexual flowers succulent, in the female flowers non-succulent. Stamens 5, inserted near tepal base. Ovary ovoid; stigmas 3. Fruiting perianth in bisexual flowers moderately enlarged. 
it seems the plant looks like Suaeda fruticosa  

Thank you very much, … Your guess is correlating with the publications and therefore, I am going to admit it is Suaeda fruticosa and NOT S. maritima. Your timely help is very much appreciated. Thank you for commenting on the images too.

GRIN (Synonym of Suaeda vera)

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