Id this thistle– The picture of Yellow-bellied greenfinch sitting on a flower. Which flower could this be. At Tawang:

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from Kashmir, Pampore Karewas; .. According to your description their is plant which may fit into the size i.e. Cirsium edule .. Kashmir thistles and similar plants-9-Cirsium sp – efloraofindia | Google Groups

in Kunda Forest Reserve-Mukurthi National Park, Avalanche– 14.5.10;     

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Thistle for ID : Kashmir : 270113 : AK-1: A thistle plant seen growing wild by the roadside on the way to Gulmarg on 11/9/2011. Small plant having only leaves, no flowers. Id please.

Cirsium sp. Asteraceae.

Yes Cirsium. Two species C. verutum and C. falconeri grow in Gulmarg and higher up. This should be C. verutum, but only heads will confirm.