Vachellia horrida (L.) Kyal. & Boatwr.,  Bot. J. Linn. Soc. 172:513. 2013 (syn: (≡) Acacia horrida (L.) Willd.; (≡) Mimosa horrida L. (basionym)) as per GRIN;
Acacia horrida (L.) Willd. (syn. Acacia latronum (L.f.) Willd.; Mimosa horrida L.; Mimosa latronum L.f.;                       Acacia latronum subsp. latronum (L.f.) Willd.) as per the Plant List given in references;
India (N); Andhra Pradesh ; Delhi ; Goa; Gujarat ; Karnataka ; Kerala ; Maharashtra; Orissa ; Rajasthan; Tamil Nadu & other countries as per ILDIS;
Cape Gum, Dev-Babul, rubber thorn tree, anagobli, anaimulu, karodei, odai, odassithai, buddajola, jala, rubber thorn tree;

Pictures taken at Jijamata Udyan, Mumbai on the 18th of Nov,11.
A potted plant, about 4 feet in height.
No flowers or pods seen when picture was taken.
Seems to be some Acacia species.

Could this be “Camel thorn” tree : Acacia girrafeae ?

it is Acacia horrida (L.) Willd.
a few plants were observed at Vermat Jijabai Bhonsale Udyan, Mumbai

So sorry to have missed out on this post of yours identifying my Acacia plant.
Since I observed it today at the nursery, went through my earlier post. Thanks for the id.
While searching, Acacia erioloba also seemed similar.

Adding few more pictures taken this week of the same plant.

Acacia horrida (L.) Willd. SN Sep 52 : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (2).
Acacia horrida (L.) Willd, small wild tree from Coimbatore area of tamilnadu

Submission of Acacia horrida : 3 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (4)

Plant name: Acacia horrida (L.) Willd., Sp. Pl. 4: 1082. 1806.
Ver.names: Cape Gum, Karroo Bush, Dev-Babul (Eng.); Pakitumma పాకీ తుమ్మ (Tel.).
Family: Fabaceae
Deciduous shrubs; 2-4 m tall. Leaves bipinnate-compound, 2-4 cm long, pinnae2-6 pairs, leaflets 6-10 pairs, each 3-4 × 1-2mm, elliptic, obtuse; a small gland on the primary rachis in between base and first pair of pinnae; a pair of white stipular thorns on either side of the leaf base, spines hollow, 2-8 cm long, base 0.5-0.8cm in diam.. Flowers 2-3 mm, creamy white, on 2-3cm long axillary pedunculate fasciculate spikes. Calyx 2 mm; lobes ovate, apex acute. Corolla creamy white, 2-3 mm; lobes ovate-elliptic. Stamens many, free, exerted. Ovary glabrous, few ovuled; style as long as stamens. Pods 2-3 × 1cm, reniform, blackish brown with 2-4 seeds.
Habitat & location: Common in scrub jungles. During the summer the plant is naked with sharp long spines only.
Uses: The leaves are used as forage; the spines are used to make necklaces by tribals. Dried stems are used as fuel.

Thanks, … Now called Vachellia horrida

Yes …, Now Vachellia horrida (L.) Kyal. & Boatwr. Images are good.

Just a querry all Acacia spp are now shifted to Vachellia genus (name)?

If you look at the attachment, you will get the answer.
Attachments (1) –  Maslin (2015), Gardens Bull. Singapore.pdf

Thank you … need to read this article carefully ! looks really interesting!

Acacia horrida (Fabaceae) : 3 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (2)
Acacia horrida, (Fabaceae)
Gadak outskirts, Karnataka, 2017, May

Nice images. Now under Vachellia.

Acacia for ID : Mumbai : 281111 : AK-1:
Pictures taken at Jijamata Udyan, Mumbai on the 18th of Nov,11.

A potted plant, about 4 feet in height.
No flowers or pods seen when picture was taken.
Seems to be some Acacia species.

Ya looks like Acacia sps,, but i have never came across Acacia species in Victoria garden, except Acacia auriculiformis,, can you pls write the exact location, so that i can have a look whenever i visit VG.

This is taken at the Plant Nursery, just outside the green house where there are some potted plants.
When you are facing the green house, this plant is towards the left side, parallel to the green house.
Name given by the staff was Babool, but the spikes/thorns seem different.



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