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Re: Chennai trees – 12122010-MS4 – Ardissia sp. :  Attachments (2)
The photographs were taken during 2006.  Location: C L R I, Adyar, Chennai:

Nice pictures!
This should be Jacquinia species of Primulaceae / Theophrastaceae.

Is it? I never new Primulaceae has trees!!!

Trust me… even Lamiaceae may have trees!!! 

Yes …, I’ve seen Leucosceptrum canum and Vernonia volkameriifolia in Arunachal Pradesh. Tree species from Lamiaceae and Asteraceae respectively. I’ll share the photographs soon.

Ok ….. thanks for the enlightenment.

It is Jacquinia arborea of Theophrastaceae family.

Lamiaceae reminds me of Vitex negundo … and lately with some (or all) species of Verbenaceae getting into Lamiaceae, more and more trees.

280812 BRS 403:
Pl. find the attached file contain photos for id. request.
Location: Coimbatore PSG Hospital
Date: July, 2012
Habitat: Garden
Habit: Medium size tree.

Is this Garcinia sp.?

It looks like Jacquinia armillaris of Theophrastaceae.

Definitely Jacquinia species. I collected one of the Jacquinia species from Coimbatore Forest College, long ago. It was identified as Jacquinia arborea. I am attaching photos for comparison

It may be Theophrastaceae member

I think it should be Jacquinia arborea as per images and details herein ad as reported in Flora of Tamilnadu as at Jacquinia

It is Jacquinia. But not sure of the species





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