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Kiwi, Chinese gooseberry;

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Kiwi Fruit Tree from Solan. Photographed from a house in Solan Rajgarh Road in June 2008
Actinidia deliciosa C.F.Liang.& A.R.Ferguson.
Known as Chinese gooseberry
This plant is a vigorous, woody, twining vine (liana) with green, leathery leaves which are oval to nearly circular in shape

Thank you for posting this pictures I have never seen a Kiwi Fruit on tree, we both only had introduction in the markets nice to see the pictures. You can get good set of information from this link about the fruit…


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Sending a photo of the Kiwi fruit creeper (Actinidia deliciosa)
Place : Srinagar, Kashmir
Date  :  June 2009
Habitat : Cultivated.
Note : No photos of fruits as it was not the fruiting season.

Interesting, never seen in Kashmir

Can you please give the exact location where it was cultivated.

Green Acre hotel, Rajbagh, Srinagar.

Please visit. They have good number of flowering plants also.


Available throughout the year, rich on vitamin c. Looks like Chikoo but inside it is quite different. Kiwijam is lecker.
Also known as the Chinese gooseberry,[1] the fruit was renamed for export marketing reasons in the 1950s; briefly to melonette, and then later by New Zealand exporters to kiwifruit. This name “kiwifruit” comes from the kiwi – a brown flightless bird and New Zealand’s national symbol, and also a colloquial name for the New Zealand people.
We planted a climber in our garden last year, no fruits yet. At present there is not much to see. shall send fotos when leaves appear.

-In Arunachal Pradesh, I enjoyed them a lot. They are cultivated in high altitude areas and sold at a cheaper rate…..@ Rs. 20/- to 50/- kg. But in S. Korea, they are available @ Rs. 300/- kg.

– Here are mine from California stores.

– .. But I cannot make out any difference between A. chinensis and A. strigosa which is cultivated in Nepal, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh. Kindly enlighten us on this.

– I have not seen the Himalayan plant but seems it has smaller flowers ( ca 2 cm across) than A. chinensis (ca 4 cm across) and much longer hairs on the undersurface of leaves.

– I am sending a photo of the Kiwi plant from Srinagar, Kashmir.

Place : Srinagar, Kashmir
Habitat: Cultivated
Date   :  June 2009

– Did you see fruits on this tree? The leaves look different to me.

– I did not see the fruits.  I enquired with the hotel owner about the creeper.  He said it is Kiwi’s  and it’s not the fruiting season, hence no fruits on the creeper.



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Actinidia deliciosa
Kiwi Fruit
April 2014

Seen only fruits of this plant on efloraindia. So, thought of sharing.




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Location: Soureni, Mirik, India
Date: 18 May 2017
Altitude: 4500 ft. 

Is it the common Kiwi fruit plant or a variety.

I guess it is one of the common edible Kiwi !

I also think matches with images at Actinidia deliciosa


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Climber seen in the garden during my visit in October, 2018.

There were many Kiwi fruit vines close by, so I’m not sure if this is the same.

Yes, leaves appears close to images at Actinidia deliciosa