Adenoon indicum Dalzell, Hooker’s J. Bot. Kew Gard. Misc. 2 344 1850.;

Images by Noorafsha Abdulla, Dinesh Valke, Narendra Joshi & Satish Phadke (Inserted by J.M.Garg & others) (For more photos & complete details, click on
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¿ ad-en-OH-awn ? — from the Greek aden (gland) and oon (egg)
IN-dih-kum or in-DEE-kum — of or from India
Dave’s Botanary

commonly known as: blue sonki • Marathi: मोठा सोनकी motha sonki

Endemic to: Western Ghats (of India)  






Flower for ID 091111SC1: Posting a photo for Id of flower
Date / Time – 03.10.2011 / 11.40 am.
Location – Place – Kas Plateau,Maharashtra
Habitat – Garden/ Urban/ Wild / Type – Wild

Adenoon indicum from Asteraceae

Yes I too think that this is Adenoon indicum Dalzell of Asteraceae family.

In Sep oct season many Asteraceae flowers which look similar bloom in wild. If the flower is fairly large …say 3-4cm then it could be Adenoon indicum.



“Flora picture of the year 2011” Ajay Ramakrishnan:  

Though I am a brand new member of EFI, I have been passionate about flower photos since August-September 2010. Around that time, I heard about Kaas for the first time. But that year I was not able to plan the trip. In 2011, I made the long awaited “pilgrimage” along with my brother and cousin
But the dream almost became a nightmare… First, the Neeta Volvo that took us overnight from Mumbai to Satara was 2 hours late. Then, the driver dumped us on the highway instead of taking us to the Satara ST stand as advertised on the Neeta website. Then, we had to pay an auto driver 90 rupees just to take us the 3 or so kilometers to the stand. Then, we learnt that we had just missed the 6:45 am ST bus to Mahabaleshwar that would have taken us directly to the Kaas plateau and that the next bus was at 8 am, by which time the sunlight could get too bright to take good photos. Then, we asked a tourist taxi operator what he would charge for the round trip to Kaas, and he quoted an eye-popping Rs. 1200
Okay, now for the twist. Telling the taxi driving con artist we’d get back, the three of us started bargaining with some auto drivers near the bus stand. One of them finally agreed to take us first to Kaas, then to Thoseghar waterfalls, and then back to the ST stand in the afternoon, all for Rs. 1200. We grudgingly agreed to the fare and hopped in. On the way to Kaas, the hillside road was lined with beautiful flowers, including some light blue morning glories that I had never seen before. But since I wanted to reach Kaas by 7:30 am, which I had been told was the best time for flower photography on the plateau, I sacrificed the blue ipomoeas and probably many other rare morning flowers. But it was worth it, since the auto driver stopped on top of the Kaas plateau, which was only slowly filling up with tourists, at precisely 7:25 am
We spent 90 minutes of exploring the plateau to find the few rare species left other than smithias and balsams (it was already October 1, the fag end of the season). Among the beautiful flowers we did find was this bunch of Adenoon indicumBlue Sonki. Hope you all like the photo (resolution reduced for sending to the EFI group)

nice pic of this Mothi Sonaki



Kas Week :: DV :: 19 OCT 07 -1204 :: Adenoon indicum:  Kas plateauabout 4000 ft asl
… one of the 39 World Heritage sites in the Western Ghats of India
19 OCT 07
Adenoon indicum Dalzell … (family: Asteraceae) 
¿ ad-en-OH-awn ? — from the Greek aden (gland) and oon (egg)
IN-dih-kum or in-DEE-kum — of or from India
Dave’s Botanary
commonly known as: blue sonki • Marathi: मोठा सोनकी motha sonki
Endemic to: Western Ghats (of India)
References: Flowers of IndiaFurther Flowers of Sahyadri by Shrikant Ingalhalikar 




KAS Week:Adenoon indicum :NJ: 01/10/2012:  Adenoon indicum from Kas Photo taken in October when all the other flowers had vanished.




Kas Week :AVD: Adenoon indicum:01 October 2012:  Adenoon indicum, family: Asteraceae



Kaas week : Adenoon indicum:  This species is widespread distributed on the plataue but I have
selected the pic that was clicked near the Kas lake.



Kas week : Adenoon indicum SMP:  Adenoon indicum



Kas week: PKA13:: — Adenoon indicum: Date: 02-10-2009
Bot.Name: Adenoon indicum

Seems common in the area.




adenoon indicum, mahabeleshwar: adenoon indicum, mahabeleshwar

growing on a wind swept laterite slope
saw only this single group of flowers
the plants were about three feet tall



Kas week:: PKA33:: – ID request- 1:  Sharing photographs of leaves of a herb. Flowers were not seen.

Possibly Adenoon indicum. It flowers in the latter part of October.

Asteraceae Week (Part I – Radiate heads) :: Adenoon indicum at Kas :: PKA7:: : Attachments (3). 3 posts by 3 authors.

Came across this herb near the wall of ‘Kas lake” Satara.
Bot. Name: Adenoon indicum
Family: Asteraceae

This is very beautiful..



Adennon indicum : Asteraceae : Attachments (1). 4 posts by 4 authors.

sharing Adenoon indicum from Sindhudurg MH



Adenoon indicum Dalzell  
¿ ad-en-OH-awn ? — Greek: aden (gland), oon (egg)Dave’s Botanary
IN-dih-kum or in-DEE-kum — of or from IndiaDave’s Botanary
commonly known as: blue sonki • Marathi: मोठा सोनकी motha sonki
Endemic to: Western Ghats (of India)
References: Flowers of IndiaFurther Flowers of Sahyadri by Shrikant Ingalhalikar
at Kas Plateau on 19 OCT 07



Asteraceae Fortnight Part 2-Discoid heads:: Adenoon indicum SMP1 :  Attachments (4).  2 posts by 2 authors.

Adenoon indicum
Observed in Mahabaleshwar. Post rainy season.


Asteraceae Fortnight Part 2-Discoid heads – Adenoon indicum (NSJ-06) :  Attachments (4). 3 posts by 2 authors. 

Adenoon indicum from Kas

Extremely beautiful pics 



Adenoon indicum near ‘Kas lake” Satara.
Family: Asteraceae 



Flower id request (x-32) : Attachments (2). 2 posts by 2 authors.
Requesting id for this flower. Picture taken at Kaas plateau, Satara, Maharashtra in mid-Sep, 2013.

This is Adenoon indicumFamily: Asteraceae




Requesting to please validate ID of this Asteraceae member captured near Satara, Maharashtra in October 2014.
Is this Adenoon indicum?

I believe the ID is correct. Attaching my own old photo of Adenoon indicum (from Kaas) for comparison. Attachments (1)

Yes, Adenoon indicum – निळी सोनकी in Marathi.



ID help needed-AA-20-09-2015 : 9 posts by 6 authors. Attachments (1)
Kindly help me with the ID of this flowering plant seen in Kudremukh grasslands, Karnataka on 20-09-2015.

Such a pretty flower. Please look at Centaura. I cannot be certain as the foliage is not clear to my eyes. 

Centaurea species so far in efi  

I have no idea of this beautiful looking flower.

However, I fail to connect it with any of the BSi species list – of Centaurea.

C. cyanus L. is cultivated and an escape (as per BSI) but basal leaves in that sp. is entire or remotely lobed (ref. Flora of North America).

Perhaps if we could see the foliage of your plant isolated from the surrounding vegetation we might be of  more help. Did you take any additional photos?

The beautiful looking flower is Adenoon indicum aka Blue Sonki (Asteraceae).

I saw it last week (5th October) at Kaas Plateau,  Maharashtra.
The leaves at 6’o clock with serrate margin are the leaves of the flower.
Also, … has uploaded the image on Wikipedia page of same flower. Link here

Apologies as i could not access my mail for some time as i was travelling. I got the ID of this plant and as rightly identified by …, its Adenoon indicum. Thank you all for the help 



Adenoon indicum : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (1)

Adenoon indicum
these flowers were beginning to dry up
photographed in Kaas plateau
third week of October 2016


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