Aerva javanica (Burm.f.) Juss. ex Schult.

Aerva javanica var. bovei Webb (Images by Balkar Singh)


(Images by Surajit Koley (Inserted by J.M.Garg)) 















Aerva monsonia Mart. (Images by P. Santhan (Inserted by J.M.Garg))












Bengal Plants describes as per efi thread:-
(i) leaves opposite and alternate mixed; spikes in terminal panicles as well as axillary ——- A. scandens Wall. (a climbing undershrub; Behar; Chota Nagpur)- a syn. of Aerva sanguinolenta (L.) Blume)
(ii) leaves all alternate; spikes all axillary, fascicled —— A. lanata Juss. (an erect or prostrate undershrub; Behar; E. Bengal)
(iii) leaves filiform in opposite fascicles; spikes peduncled —– A. monsonia Mart. (a much branched herb in West Bengal; Chota Nagpur)

In A. lanata the flower cluster form very short spikes (0.5-1.5 cm long) in leaf axils; leaves are broader (1-2 cm broad), obovate or elliptic-orbicular
In A. tomentosa (syn. of Aerva javanica (Burm.f.) Juss. ex Schult. ) flowers occur in up to 10 cm long spikes forming terminal leafless white-woolly panicles; leaves are narrower (0.5-1 cm broad) and leaves linear to linear-oblong in shape; 

According to Flora of British India, vol4. p728 :-
Distribution :-
  1. Aerva lanata Juss. = Plains of Bengal from Dacca to the Indus. The Concan, Central India and throughout the Deccan…
  2. Aerva wightii Hook.f. = Travancore; at Courtallum, Wight.
Plants :-
  1. Aerva lanata Juss. = erect or prostrate, branched from the base……
  2. Aerva wightii Hook.f. = a low growing bushy plant…, branches short woody…… with many stiff branches as thick as a crow-quill….
Leaves :-
  1. Aerva lanata Juss. = leaves small petioled elliptic orbicular-obovate or orbicular obtuse or acute
  2. Aerva wightii Hook.f. = leaves small broadly ovate or elliptic obtuse thick….  


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