An important document of species of Agapetes D.Don ex G.Don occurring
in India is Banik & Sanjappa (2014). It mentions following 57 species in
Indian territories:

A. aborensis Airy Shaw (diagram given)
A. acuminata D.Don ex G.Don (diagram given)
A. affinis (Griff.) Airy Shaw (diagram given)
A. angulata (Griff.) Benth. & Hook.f. (diagram given)
A. anonyma Airy Shaw
A. arunachalensis D.Banik & Sanjappa (diagram given)
A. atrosanguinea Airy Shaw (diagram given)
A. auriculata (Griff.) Benth. & Hook.f. (Colour image and diagram

A. bhareliana (Airy Shaw) D.Banik & Sanjappa
A. bhutanica N.P.Bakr. & Sud. Chowdhury (diagram given)
A. borii Airy Shaw (Colour image and diagram given)
A. buxifolia Nutt. ex Hook.f. (diagram given)
A. dalaiensis D.Banik & Sanjappa (Colour image and diagram given)
A. discolour C.B.Clarke (Colour image and diagram given)
A. flava (Hook.f.) Sleumer (diagram given)
A. forrestii W.E.Evans (diagram given)
A. griffithii C.B.Clarke (Colour image and diagram given)
A. hillii Brandis (diagram given)
A. hookeri (C.B.Clarke) Sleumer (diagram given)
A. hyalocheilos Airy Shaw (diagram given)
A. incurvata (Griff.) Sleumer (Colour image and diagram given)
A. interdicta (Hand.-Mazz.) Sleumer (diagram given)
A. kanjilali Das (diagram given)
A. kingdonis Airy Shaw (diagram given)
A. leucocarpa S.H.Huang (diagram given)
A. linearifolia C.B.Clarke (diagram given)
A. listeri (King ex C.B.Clarke) Sleumer (diagram given)
A. lobbii C.B.Clarke (diagram given)
A. macrantha (Hook.) Benth. & Hook.f. (Colour image and diagram

A. mannii Hemsl. (diagram given)
A. marginata Dunn (diagram given)
A. megacarpa W.W.Sm. (diagram given)
A. miniata (Griff.) Benth. & Hook.f. (diagram given)
A. miranda Airy Shaw
A. mitrarioides Hook.f. ex C.B.Clarke (diagram given)
A. moorei Hemsl. (diagram given)
A. nana (Griff.) Benth. &  Hook.f.
A. neriifolia (King & Prain) Airy Shaw (diagram given)
A. nutans Dunn (diagram given)
A. nuttallii C.B.Clarke (diagram given)
A. obovata (Wight) Benth. & Hook.f. (diagram given)
A. odontocera (Wight) Benth. & Hook.f. (Colour image and diagram

parishii C.B.Clarke

A. praestigiosa Airy Shaw (Colour image and diagram given)
A. refracta Airy Shaw (diagram given)
A. salicifolia C.B.Clarke (diagram given)
A. saligna (Hook.f.) Hook.f. (Colour image and diagram given)
A. serpens (Wight) Sleumer (Colour image and diagram given)
A. setigera D.Don ex G.Don (diagram given)
A. siangensis D.Banik & Sanjappa 
(diagram given)
A. sikkimensis Airy Shaw (diagram given)
A. smithiana Sleumer (Colour image and diagram given)
A. spissa Airy Shaw
A. subansirica G.D.Pal & Thoth. (diagram given)
A. subsessilifolia S.H.Huang, H.Sun & Z.K.Zhou (diagram given)
A. subvinacea Airy Shaw (diagram given)
A. variegata (Roxb.) D.Don ex G.Don (Colour image and diagram given)

Reference: Banik, D. and Sanjappa, M. 2014. Agapetes D.Don ex G.Don. In: Sanjappa,
M. & Sastry, A.R.K. (eds.)
of Flora of India Fascicle 25 Ericaceae
. Botanical Survey of India,
Kolkata. pp. 247-389

Notes on identity of some Indian species of Agapetes (Ericaceae) by D Banik – ‎2008- Nordic Journal of Botany Volume 26, Issue 1-2,  pages 4–9, April 2008
Abstract-  Agapetes variegata (Roxb.) D. Don ex G. Don var. bhareliana Airy Shaw is treated here as a separate species; A. bhareliana (Airy Shaw) D. Banik & M. Sanjappa. Resurrected A. macrantha (Hook.) Hook. f., earlier treated as a variety under A. variegata (Roxb.) D. Don ex G. Don as A. variegata var. macrantha (Hook. f.) Airy Shaw. Two new combinations A. macrantha var. grandiflora (Hook.f.) Q.Banik & M.Sanjappa and A. macrantha var. oblanceolata (Airy Shaw) D. Banik & M. Sanjappa are proposed here. A. macrantha var. macrantha and A. macrantha var. oblanceolata are reported for the first time from India.

THREE NEW SPECIES OF AGAPETES (ERICACEAE) FROM INDIA by D. Banik and M. Sanjappa- Edinburgh Journal of Botany / Volume 64 / Issue 03 /  November 2007-
Abstract- Three new species of Agapetes (Ericaceae) from Arunachal Pradesh, India are described and illustrated with critical comments: Agapetes arunachalensis D.Banik & M.Sanjappa (Agapetes ser. Graciles subser. Parvifoliae), Agapetes dalaiensis D.Banik & M.Sanjappa (Agapetes ser. Agapetes subser. Agapetes) and Agapetes siangensis D.Banik & M.Sanjappa (Agapetes ser. Graciles subser. Longifoliae).

FIVE NEW VARIETIES OF AGAPETES (ERICACEAE) FROM INDIA by  D. Banik and M. Sanjappa- Journal of the Botanical Research Institute of Texas Vol. 1, No. 2 (12 DECEMBER 2007)-
Agapetes acuminata var. tipiensis Banik & Sanjappa
Agapetes flava (Hook.f.) Sleumer var, nagensis Banik & Sanjappa
Agapetes megacarpa W.W.Sm. var. lohitensis Banik & Sanjappa
Agapetes odontocera (Wight) Benth. & Hook.f. var. mizoramensis Banik & Sanjappa
Agapetes salicifolia C.B.Clarke var. glandulifera Banik & Sanjappa 


Botanical name Synonyms Family Common name
Agapetes macrantha Agapetes variegata var macrantha Ericaceae Agapetes
Agapetes serpens Pentapterygium serpens, Vaccinium serpens,Thibaudia myrtifolia Ericaceae Himalayan Lantern


Forest Plants of Eastern India By Amal Bhusan Chaudhuri (1993)- Brief details-
Agapetes auriculata (Griff.) Benth. & Hook.f.

1997 IUCN Red List of Threatened Plants edited by Kerry Scott Walter, Harriet J. Gillett-
Agapetes nuttallii C.B.Clarke- Indeterminate- Arunachal Pradesh & Bhutan

Plant diversity hotspots in India: an overview by V. Mudgal Botanical Survey of India, Ministry of Environment & Forests, 1997 – Nature179 pages-
Agapetes incurvata
Agapetes refracta 
Agapetes sikkimensis 
Agapetes variegata ………..

Hot spots of endemic plants of India, Nepal and Bhutan by M. P. Nayar Tropical Botanic Garden and Research Institute, 1996 – Science252 pages-
Agapetes obovata,
Agapetes rugosus ……………….

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I have updated eFI (efloraofindia) page on Agapetes

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I have also added lists of Indian species of Agapetes (Ericaceae), Lyonia (Ericaceae) and Gaultheria (Ericaceae) based on the BSI document.