Agaricus campestris L., 1753 (syn: Agaricus campestris Scop., 1772 (ambiguous synonym); Agaricus campestris var. albus Peck ………………….; Agaricus robustissmus (Panizzi) Mussat, 1900; Agaricus setiger Fr., 1838; Fungus campestris (L.) Kuntze, 1898; Fungus setiger (Fr.) Kuntze, 1898; Pluteus campestris (L.) Fr., 1836; Pratella campestris (L.) Gray, 1821; Pratella campestris var. alba Gillet ….; Pratella setigera (Fr.) Gillet, 1878; Psalliota campestris (L.) Quél., 1872; Psalliota campestris var. campestris (L.) Quél. ………….; Psalliota flocculosa Rea, 1932; Psalliota villatica (Brond.) Bres., 1884; Psalliota villatica var. roseola Rick, 1961; Psalliota villatica var. villatica (Brond.) Bres., 1884);            
Cyprus; Falkland Is.; France; Great Britain; Ireland; Kenya; Meghalaya; Victoria as per Catalogue of Life;




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