Species Id DKV – 25072011-1:
Indore, Madhya Pradesh
Seen on the outskirts of the city by a young friend. Seeking species id.

agave bulbils

I too think this is bulbils of Agave. It would be good If there is a picture that shows the full plant.


For ID- 201211-NS2- Flora of Madhya Pradesh:
Photographed this spiney shrub at ” Chikhral Jungle” in Betul, MP. Localities call dis ” Kekchi” and use it as hedge.
It propagates through Viviparous germination. In d centre of this plant a palm like structure appears on which a new plant germinates. This palm structure has five protrudings like fingers on it.
Tribals cut dat palm like structure to decorate their house…put “Diyas/ earthen lamps” on it.

Looks like Ketki, Agave species. My pictures for comparison.

looks like Agave angustifolia

Yes Agave sp. but …, unlike Agave angustifolia it doesnt have marginal bands of white on leaves.
… is Ketki refers to agave americana ????

In reference literature Agave americana is mentioned as Ketki but in general all species of Agave are named as Ketki or related names like Kekchi, Kekti etc.
Just to add, Agave cantala is also reported from Central India.


Agave for Identification (26/07/2012-NSJ-01):
Agave for identification. Photo taken at Karad, Maharashtra. This is the only photo available.

Flora of Chakrata: Agave sp from Chakrata region:

Agave sp from Chakrata region
what it can be A. americana or A angustifolia
Spike was about 10-12 feet. This was in the way of Chakrata at about height of 1500-1800 mts

Probably Agave americana

Not Agave americana at least

Sir any idea or feature of this plant to look closely to get near to id

Close up of leaves ?

Pictures. Agave americana02.jpg. In bloom. Agave americana4.jpg. Agave
americana2.jpg A. americana ‘Marginata’. Close-up of leaf
go to verify this is agave americana common name murrabafamily Asparagaceae

I think Sisal, Agave sisalana of Agavaceae family
These links might be helpful


Agave cantula


Agave for ID: SPC-014 : 19-09-12 : Baroda: Please help to identify this agave from a house garden. No flowers seen.


Ornamental Agave for ID : Kodaikanal : 290113 : AK-2:
An ornamental agave seen in a resort at Kodaikanal in Oct, 2008. Can our experts identify it?

Agave sp