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As per efi thread:
A. excelsa is a plant of dry areas while A. triphysa is an evergreen tree. Leaflets coarsely toothed is A. excelsa and leaflets entire is A. triphysa. 


DV :: 31MAR11 – 1024 :: at Dubare Camp: Tall tree (possibly planted).
Found at many places along roads in and around Madikeri (seemingly planted).

Date/Time : March 31, 2011 at 10.24am IST
Location Place : at Dubare Elephant Camp, Karnataka … 12.371105, 75.905761
on Google maps <>
Altitude : 2803 ft (above mean sea level) 

–  This is Ailanthus triphysa (Dennst.) Alston syn. A. malabarica DC. A. excelsa is a plant of dry areas while A. triphysa is an evergreen tree. Leaflets coarsely toothed is A. excelsa and leaflets entire is A. triphysa. Yes, this tree is used for roadside plantation in Karnataka.

– Please see the earlier link posted by me.   This tree is very common in Mysore city.  There are nearly 4-5 trees nearby my house.

– … your earlier post is at efi thread.

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It is my pleasure to share few images of Ailanthus triphysa (Simaroubaceae)

Kindly observe that the leaf margin is entire, a character that distinguishes it from Ailanthus excelsa.


Habit: Tree 

Habitat: Wild, moist deciduous forest fringe. 

Sighting: Devadana, Chikmagalur, Karnataka, about 1200 msl 

Date: 11-03-2015

nice. do you take wide angle views? so would love to see the whole  tree i.e. shape, habit and also its trunk and pictures of the bark

No … I do not have a wide angle lens. Its either in portrait or landscape modes. Often the distance between the lens and the subject is the limitation in taking a full view… Objects in between that are to be avoided also matter.

that very true


Sonepat, Haryana, today.
A few specimens have been planted along the Delhi Canal in Sonepat, Haryana.

Looks distinctly like Duabanga (Duabanga grandiflora), although I wonder what is it doing here in this scorching weather! It does well in NE India.

Though the tree looks like Duabanga grandiflora, but Trees of Delhi does not mention this tree.
It is possible that this has been planted in Haryana, but not in Delhi. If Duabanga has been planted somewhere in Delhi, it is also possible that Pradip Krishen missed it. We have found some trees in Delhi which are not listed in Trees of Delhi.

looks more like Ailathus triphysa or Cedrella odorata

I would be wrong if the leaves are indeed compound. My thinking was based on the feeling that these are simple leaves, giving the impression of pinnate leaf leaflets.
I am now really curious to know the identity of this one! … guess, Ailanthus triphysa sounds good!

May somebody finally confirm the Id pl.


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