Allium cepa L., Sp. Pl. 300 1753. (Syn: Allium angolense Baker; Allium aobanum Araki; Allium ascalonicum auct.; Allium ascalonicum var. condensum Millán; Allium ascalonicum var. fertile Millán; Allium ascalonicum f. rotterianum Voss ex J.Becker; Allium ascalonicum var. sterile Millán; , Allium cepa var. anglicum Alef.; Allium cepa var. argenteum Alef.; Allium cepa var. bifolium Alef.; Allium cepa var. crinides Alef.; Allium cepa var. flandricum Alef.; Allium cepa var. globosum Alef.; Allium cepa var. hispanicum Alef.; Allium cepa var. jamesii Alef.; Allium cepa var. lisboanum Alef.; Allium cepa var. luteum Alef.; Allium cepa var. multiplicans L.H.Bailey; Allium cepa var. portanum Alef.; Allium cepa var. praecox Alef.; Allium cepa var. rosum Alef.; Allium cepa var. sanguineum Alef.; Allium cepa var. solaninum Alef.; Allium cepa var. tripolitanum Alef.; Allium cepa var. viviparum (Metzg.) Alef.; Allium cepaeum St.-Lag.; Allium commune Noronha; Allium cumaria Buch.-Ham. ex Wall. [Invalid]; Allium esculentum Salisb.; Allium napus Pall. ex Kunth; Allium nigritanum A.Chev. [Invalid]; Allium pauciflorum Willd. ex Ledeb.Allium salota Dostál; Ascalonicum sativum P.Renault; Cepa alba P.Renault; Cepa esculenta Gray; Cepa pallens P.Renault; Cepa rubra P.Renault; Cepa vulgaris Garsault [Invalid]; Kepa esculenta Raf.; Porrum cepa (L.) Rchb.);
onion; bulb onion, common onion; Marathi name: Safed kanda;


Fruits & Vegetables ::Allium cepa Family Liliaceae.:
The flowers of Allium cepa.
कांदा the prices of which skyrocketed recently due to shortage in production and losses due to excessive rain.

– … attaching photos of the onion plant cultivated at Rajguru Nagar, near Pune.


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what are the family name of some plant ( latest )
Allium cepa – Alliaceae   or Liliaceae
Paris & Trillium –  Trilliaceae or Liliaceae
Tectona grandis- Verbinaceae  or —————
Calotropis —Asclepiadaceae or Apocynaceae

Allium cepaAmaryllidaceae.
Paris & Trillium –  Melanthiaceae.
Tectona grandis- Lamiaceae.
Calotropis – Apocynaceae


flower id:
Is this the flower of onion..

This is the inflorescence of onion, bearing many flowers covered by a spathe (which is membraneous here and opens as the flower grow). The inflorescence type is known as scape. The scape is the portion of the stem below spathe and the flowers are borne in an umbel.

Hooghly2015Mar_sk05/05: Allium cepa L. var. cepa : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (10)
In the pic P1140847 the tooth, one on each side, at the base of inner filament can be seen in one flower, and also white perianth segments with green midvein.

is this it? Attachments (1)

Yes Didi, I think this is what FoC meant in its KEY.
As I read FoC and noted that both A. cepa and A. fistulosum are cultivated as vegetables and look similar in an illustration plate I searched and found the “tooth” KEY!
(BSNL was out-of-order since yesterday morning)

Onion fruits and seeds : 5 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (2)
Just sharing few photos of Onion fruits ready for harvest.
Certainly peoples from South India may not have seen this.

where is it exactly

It is from N23° 21.067′ E73° 12.097′. some 100 kms from Ahmedabad or 40 Km from Himath Nagar

Thank you … latitutde etc is extra bonus
i wanted to know what knd of ecosystem
so this is dry/arid,  irrigated farmland I presume


TSP-JAN2016-26-26: Images of Allium cepa (Amaryllidaceae) : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (7)

It is my pleasure to share few images of Allium cepa (Amaryllidaceae 

Habit: Herb 

Habitat: Cultivated 

Sighting: Chikmagalur, Karnataka, about 900 msl 

Date: 08-09-2014, 11-09-2014 and 09-02-2015


Allium cepa L. : 6 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (6)
Location : Gyaneswor, katghmandu
Date : 2 May 2019
Elevation : 1300 m.
Habit : Cultivated

any real onions dug up there? can we see them?

It started flowering! So not really big onion.

oh. so, later?