Many Flowered Ammannia;

Erect small herb about 15 – 20 cm high, leaf about 1 – 2 mm x 5 – 7 mm, flower about 1 – 1.5 mm across. 
Place: Tungareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary
Date: 10 OCT 09 
ID please.

.. May be a species of Rotala or Ammania of Lythraceae..?

Thank you very very much, …
It is Ammania multiflora. 


Herb for Id : 240912 RV 2: Once again a request to Id this herb……there is this small patch of rocky area of about 1000 sq ft on the approach path to my wadi (farm land at Khopoli/Pali area)…..on and around the patch where ever soil is available, every year during monsoon many species of wild plants grow for short period……some I could identify and rest by you all…..thank you all so much for helping me.

This looks like an Ammania sp. may be A. baccifera

Many thanks … for the lead; my guess is Ammannia multiflora (family Lythraceae).

to me it looks like Ammannia multiflora




Ammania sp. possibly octandra : Attachments (3). 3 posts by 2 authors.

Posting some images of Ammania sp. which are labelled as A. multiflora.
However when I looked at them again I feel that the calyx is large & distinctly winged. Could it be A. octandra [ref: MR Almeida 2:279;]?
The only reason I am hesitating to call it A.octandra is the fact that it’s supposed to be very rare and not reported from Maharashtra (Note: Mumbai and surrounding areas during the British times were Bombay Presidency, which also included present day Gujarat, from where this species had been reported).
Solicit your views on the’ winging’ of the calyx.

I just looked at my pics of what I labelled as A. multiflora and it has very similar ridges on the calyx. Not sure if this counts as winged.

Thanks …
Will keep it as A. multiflora.