Image by Aarti Khale (ID by Ajinkya Gadave), Padmini Raghavan (Id by Tabish) & Sourav Mahmud (Inserted by Gurcharan Singh & J.M.Garg) (Please click link to see details)


Trumpet Vine, Yellow Trumpet Vine;  

Request for ID : 010511 : AK-3: Taken on the 28th of Feb, 2011 at a flower nursery in Nasik, Maharashtra.
Some kind of Trumpet flower?

Anemopaegma chamberlaynii

Bignoniaceae Week :: Anemopaegma chamberlaynii : Yellow Trumpet Vine : Nasik : 090113 : AK: Yellow Trumpet Vine seen by me in a plant nursery in Nasik.

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Climber ID from Bangladesh SM165 : 7 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (5)
Habit: Climber

Habitat: Park

Flowering: September,2014
Location: Dhaka city

Any Dolichandra species (D.unguis-cati ?). But I am not able to see the claws to confirm D.unguis cati. Check for the same.

It looks like Yellow Trumpet Vine, Anemopaegma chamberlaynii, Syn Bignonia chamberlaynii to me. This is just a guess.