(040509SCS1-2) Nephrolepis or Blecnum fern, Sonepat, Haryana ? – indiantreepix | Google Groups:

While flora-watching on 2nd May 09, I cam across this fern like plant growing under a culvert
of a canal. My ID narrows down to Nephrolepsis or Blechnum.
Experts may please confirm or correct me.
Sonepat, Haryana, 2nd May 09.

Please see the link given below.
It looks like Blechnum minor (Small Water Fern).

the name Nephrolepis has come with kidney shape sorii. hence we have to see the backside rather ventralside of the leaf.
Nephrolepis has an auricle at the base ot the leaflet on the upper margin, which is not seen in the photoit has wavy margin which also does not match
i donot know about the other fern

It is Blechnum orientale.

I dont think this is Blechnum, but cant confirm. Cause I have seen Blechnum. This is one of the most common fern in the wetlands and we dont know its name 🙁
Secondly Nephrolepis means KIDNEY SHAPED SCALES and not SORI !!

This could be Thelypteris prolifera (Syn: Goniopteris prolifera)

From primary appearance ,I were identified that as Blechnum orientale. But … raised doubt. Now I also have strong doubt.
I requested to the author of this fern to send fotos of Leaf showing soral arrangement  and close pictures , if possible  a single plant  to show whether it is creeping or erect . I am waiting for his reply.
So that I can  identify this perfectly.