heartleaf iceplant, baby sun rose;   


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Name of species- Aptenia cordifolia

Photo taken on- 5.1.2010

ornamental plant

At- Jaipur


Aptenia cordifolia from Panchkula cactus garden: 4 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (2)
Aptenia cordifolia (L. f.) Schwantes, Gartenflora 77:69. 1928 Feb (N. E. Brown, J. Bot. 66:139. 1928 May)
syn: Mesembryanthemum cordifolium L. f.
Had seen lot of this plant in California often planted in shaded areas forming ground covers. Found it in Panchkula Cactus Garden, photographed on April 9, 2011.
Common names: baby sun-rose, heart-leaf iceplant

This is a common garden plant in Southern India.  I have seen plenty of them in Bangalore and Chennai as well.




Aptenia cordifolia from Apulien: According Wiki this is also called Midday flower.
Flowers taken in Okt. 2010 in Apulien.

Yes .. I had seen this only in California till I saw it in Panchkula this April and uploaded it subsequently.

I have a lot of this in our garden at home. Aptenia cordifolia from family Aizoaceae.

Here are all synonyms

Litocarpus cordifolius (L.f.) L.Bolus
Ludolfia cordifolius (L. f.) L. Bolus
Mesembryanthemum cordifolium L.f.
Tetracoilanthus cordifolius (L. f.) Rappa & Camarrone



J&K Herb Aptenia cordifolia: Aptenia cordifolia
Family: Aizoaceae 
Common Name: Baby Sun Rose 
Flw: May 
Recorded From: Darabshala Village, Kishtawar Dist, J&K 
Elevation: 1040 m

Commonly cultivated. I found it at Panchkula and also in California.

I got this herb on the boundary walls in the village in shady areas 
is it cultivated as a garden plant?

Yes …. Forms good ground cover

yes one of the iceplant … for rocky sandy california coast soils… has extensive network of roots… acts to save soil from erosion.. even when itself is dried out and shrivelled… better than most grasses… more welcome too.. because of the flowers and green foliage…

Beautiful flower. I had this plant bought from Kerala. It is very good for hanging baskets also.



Flora Picture of the year 2012 UD: This is an example of endurance and perseverance along with zeal to survive in the plant, and I love it for it.I bought it in hanging planter, nursery man said it would flower in a couple of weeks just water it and put in sunny location. I did , and it flourished, growing longer and greener…. Summer came and went, so did a winter, and then spring, summer and fall…. Nary a bud nor a flower…. And I thought it was a dud… ready to discard it because my balcony can only take so much green trailings… and then it got very very cold winter of 2012, I thought it would surely die of the bitter winds and frigid fog. Then one morning 3 or 4 of these flowers popped up, gladdening the hearts of the beholders…. Including mine.
Not only had this plant survived the 105 degrees Farenheit temp in summer, the typhoons, and monsoons and then the cold… it has blossomed…..just like some late bloomer kid in a classroom, surprising everyone.
I then went looking for its proper name, found it… Its really an iceplant …. A ground cover that forms tight layer described as a mat… originating in South Africa, its adapted in many distant lands… in California its known to escape and become weedy. The botanical name is Aptenia cordifolia of Family Aizoaceae. Colloquially known as heart-leafed iceplant
In 2013, this winter its back reveling in the cold… best survivor I know.

AND IT FLOWERS IN COOLER TEMP… in addition to its xeriscaping potential… it grows weedy in California, remember? 🙂



Nice pic and story!

I also captured it at Naini Tal Uttarakhand and thus attaching one pic.

Thanks. It doesn’t matter if it flowers in cooler season. It means water needs to be stopped after monsoon for it to flower.

Less water with low temperature could be initiating flowering in this.

“Less water with low temperature could be initiating flowering in this.”

Yes … that seems to be its biological clock (wintery days) and needs….
Ice plants flower the best in California in early spring/late winter… short days, long cool nites and fog/dew but no rain….
come to think of it many succulents, chrismas cacti, holly, poinsettias etc all want the same …

Observing this succulent plant after a long time. I always liked the bright scarlet color of these flowers since my childhood. Very nice pictures.
I have added your write-up with the picture to Flora picture 2012.



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