Argyreia capitiformis (Poir.) Ooststr.,  Fl. Malesiana, Ser. 1, Spermatoph. 6(6): 941 941 1972. (Syn: Argyreia capitata (Vahl) Choisy; Argyreia rufohirsuta H. Lév.; Argyreia strigosa (Roth ex Schult.) Roberty; Argyreia verrucosohispida Y.Y. Qian; Convolvulus capitatus Vahl; Convolvulus capitiformis Poir.; Convolvulus confertus Steud.; Convolvulus setosus Wall.; Convolvulus strigosus (Roth ex Schult.) Spreng.; Convolvulus trichotosus D.Dietr.; Ipomoea capitata (Vahl) Roem. & Schult.; Ipomoea trichotosa Blume; Lettsomia capitata Benth. & Hook.f. ex Kurz; Lettsomia capitata Miq.; Lettsomia capitiformis (Poir.) Kerr; Lettsomia peguensis C.B. Clarke; Lettsomia strigosa Roxb.Mouroucoa capitata Kuntze; Mouroucoa peguensis (C.B.Clarke) Kuntze; Rivea capitata Hallier f.) as per POWO;                         
Argyreia strigosa subsp. strigosa (syn: Argyreia setosa (Roxb.) Choisy; Convolvulus confertus Hort. Hamb. ex Steud.; Convolvulus obovatus Wall.; Convolvulus setosus (Roxb.) Spreng.; Convolvulus strigosus (Roth) Spreng.; Ipomoea strigosa Roth;  Lettsomia setosa Roxb.; Mouroucoa setosa (Roxb.) Kuntze) as per Catalogue of life;
Indian Subcontinent to S. China and W. Malesia; Andaman Is., Assam, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China South-Central, China Southeast, East Himalaya, Hainan, India, Jawa, Laos, Malaya, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Sumatera, Thailand, Vietnam as per POWO;
Bristled Woodrose • Hindi: बाघचूड़ा Baghchooda • Marathi: Masbel, Bhalsvel, दूधवेल Dudh wel • Tamil: Unnayangodi • Telugu: VerriBoddi-Tige, Maya Tige; 

Images by Prashant Awale inserted by Gurcharan Singh (Please click links to see details and more images) 



Argyreia strigosa: Seen this Climber at CBD Hills.
Date/Time: 20-08-2011/ 09:50AM
Location: CBD Hills, Navi Mumbai.

Bot. name: Argyreia strigosa

Can somebody provide the key characters of the genus Argyreia and Ipomea, which help in differentiation.

The Plant list does not show this species as per the following link:
GRIN also doesn’t show it.
What can be the possible reasons ?

However, IPNI has a record on it as per the link


Morning Glory : Attachments (1).
Sending a photo of Morning Glory seen on the way to Sunset Point (near Dodhani) Matheran.

looks like some Argyreia sp.

Flower looks like Ipomoea pes-tigridis

… now that you said it, …, it looks like Ipomoea pes-tigridis to me too.

It doesn’t look like I. pes-tigridis to me because the leaves not palmately lobed (as major portion of leaf seen in the pic), bracts not foliaceous and flowers not white.

By the way, I. pes-tigridis has multiple varieties. 

this is not Ipomoea pes-tigridis nor Argyreia sps.

looks like some Ipomoea sps. 

I don’t know at this point what the species in question is but I would opine that it is not any type of Convolvulus because the stigma is visible and not of the Convolvulus type… not Ipomoea pes-tigridis.
I don’t see it as any type of annual as hair present on the outside of the corolla is much more typical of evolutionarily older perennial species…and from an evolutionary point of view the Argyreia is the closet guestimate so far….
Hope my impressions are of some value…

I just located an older thread here
which contains a plant which looks like a match except for the flower size although other features such as leaves and calyx features look to be the same… therefore I would suggest that the species that is the
subject of this thread is either Argyreia capitiformis or something very closely related to A.capitiformis.


IPOMOEA SPECIES AT COOCH BEHAR : 7 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (3)
Attaching three images of a Ipomoea species. Please identify if you can.

Pl. check comparative images at 

Does not appear to match with any species as per comparative images at Argyreia

Could it be so.e Argyria spp. 

This is Argyreia capitiformis (Poir.) Ooststr. (synonym Argyreia capitata Choisy).

at Shahapur- Sept”09?; on 28 August 2010 on a slope in between Neral and Jummapatti on the way to Matheran; Is this Argyreia Strigosa? – indiantreepix | Google Groups ID Confirmation: Argyreia strigosa? – efloraofindia | Google Groups


Need help with this annual edible ‘budhware ka patta’ : 8 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (2)- 1 mb each. 

Has milky latex. Annual climber whose leaves are eaten like arvi leaves: rolled in besan, steamed and fried. Tastes like fish. 
Bhopal. 20/8/2020

Share some more information like Habit and flowers if possible

I tried looking at comparative images at Apocynaceae, but could not find a match.
I think more details are required.

Not able to find any result on the internet with such a name.

The leaf reminds of several genera – Ipomoea, Argyreia, Dioscorea, but I am not confident.

I think maybe some Ipomoea species like Ipomoea aquatica Forssk. 

Any views, …, with the habit of the plant ?

I’m waiting for flowers. Then I’ll share an image. 



Buds have emerged but no flower yet! 

Attachments (1)

Habit image?

Don’t you have a habit image as you stated it to be having buds?

Finally the flowers have arrived! I’ve attached the habit image as well. 

Attachments (3)

Argyreia setosa

Is this commonly known to be edible?



POWO  Catalogue of life (Argyreia strigosa subsp. strigosa) Catalogue of Life (Argyreia capitiformis (Poir.) van Ooststroom) The Plant List Var.1.1  Flora of China  India Biodiversity Portal  MPBD  convolvulaceae unlimited  Flowers of India  IPNI Plant Name Details  Forest Flora  Flora of Peninsular India (Argyreia strigosaFlora of Peninsular India (Argyreia setosa)

Flora of Bihar (Argyreia strigosa (Roth) Roberty in Candollea 14: 44. 1 952. Ipomoea strigosa Roth as syn. of Argyreia capitata (Vahl) Choisy )

India Biodiversity Portal (lpomoea strigosa, Lettsomia strigosa & Argyreia setosa as syn. of Argyreia strigosa (Roth) Roberty)    

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