Arisaema tortuosum ?;

North Bengal


Fruit – ID Request 3 – 18Jun09:SJ – indiantreepix | Google Groups



identification no 051011sn2:   Repeating my request. Kindly id. Is it Arisaema tortuosum?
plant habit:herb
height:about 3 ft.

Possibly. These are mine. Photographed last weekend.


Id please?
An Arisaema sp. from Kanakeshwar,Alibag

It looks like Spathiphyllum

Not much clues are available from the photographs. I assume the leaflets to be radiatisect. If it is so, this could be Arisaema caudatum Engler. Can’t confirm the ID without an inflorescence..

I have to agree with …, not enough details to conclusively identify it with and the clues at hand are a bit conflicting. Arisaema caudatum generally has a single leaf and striated petioles with more linear leaflets that end in a drooptip and has not been reported this far north (but that in itself is not an argument, only a reason for doubt as this could be a first report). Given the 2 leaves and clear pseudostem it could be this is one of the forms of the widespread Arisaema tortuosum that has a condensed rachis which gives the impression of a radiatisect leaf. Although the fruit is a bit long for tortuosum I would provisionally ID it as tortuosum rather than caudatum but as mentione by …, without a flower no confirmation is possible. General advice is to photograph as many details as possible of a fruiting or non-flowering Arisaema if an ID is wanted, preferably a close-up of the remnants of the spadix if still present otherwise it is a very difficult task to ID such a plant.

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