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Garden Flower for ID : 010711 : AK-2: Taken at Bryant’s Park, Kodaikanal on the 24th of Oct, 2008.
A small cultivated plant.
Is it Chrysanthemum?

To me it does look like Chrysanthemum

i think this aster

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Picture taken on 24/10/2008 at Kodaikanal.

Had posted on our group earlier (Garden Flower for ID : 010711 : AK-2) but remains unid.

Garden Flower for ID : Kashmir : 121011 : AK-2:  Taken at a garden at Pahalgam, Kashmir on the 6th of Sept,11.


miniature aster 

Can it be Aster thomsonii?!!

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A garden flower seen at Pahalgam, Kashmir on 6/11/13.

Posted earlier on our group.
Possible ids were Miniature Aster or Aster thomsonii.
Correct validation please.

Garden Flower for ID : 100711 : AK-2: Taken at Mapro Garden, Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra on 18/4/2009.
Again a small, potted garden plant.
Chrysanthemum or Aster?

Yes Aster, probably Aster amellus

Aster for ID : 090711 : AK-3: Taken at Racca Nursery,Nasik on 3/1/2006.
A cultivated, garden flower.
Plant having medium height.
This is Aster Flower….what is the correct id for it?

this is daisy flowers.

Could be Aster novi-belji

VoF Week :: DV :: 31 JUL 12 – 1241 :: Asteraceae herb at Auli: 31 JUL 12
Auli 8750 – 9000 ft

Habitat: sloping meadow
Habit: herb about 40 – 50 cm high (not sure), flower 10 – 15 mm across (not sure)
… surely, cutting a sorry figure here 🙁 … Just cannot recollect why I did not cover other aspects.
Getting the ID to genus level is bonus for me.

Perhaps the same as Aster albescens uploaded by …

The large leaves of Aster albescens seem to be missing; flowers too are comparatively long-stalked.
Insufficient photos. Will let it remain pending for ID until it gets resolved during next trip.

Ornamental for id – 011112 ANB-0018 – Mumbai:  I’d love to know the name of this flower, the central portion is yellow … not clearly seen here since the flower hasn’t opened completely. I have seen this flower also in different colours.

This is Aster species…

Garden Flower for ID : Pahalgam,Kashmir : 270113 : AK-2: A garden flower seen in a garden at Pahalgam in Kashmir on 6/9/2011.

Cultivated, ornamental plants having flowers in pink and purple color.
Kindly id.


That was really fast.
Aster, but which one?


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