Please ID:  Collected from of Mahendragiri (900 to 1500m above msl) in South Orissa at an altitude of 1000m during October, 2010
Grows in barren hill top between gaps of moist rocks. Hight up to 25 cm. Please Identify this.

I think the 2 pictures provided in the post seems to be different species.
Please take care to upload different species in different threads and kindly provide related information to each species along with each upload. It seems that the plant in the second picture seems to be an immature one please check for a mature plant, preferably with flower/ inflorescence (looks like Asteraceae member). If you search the surroundings where you took these pictures you may get mature individuals.



Flora of Madhya Pradesh: 03022012-BS-3 Asteraceae Herb for id from Maihar Near Shardaa Maa Temple Area: Asteraceae Herb for id from Maihar Near Shardaa Maa Temple Area looks as escape of a Garden plant, however growing wild there
Flowers about 6-8 cm



identification no170211sn3: Please let me know which species of Senecio is this?

date/time jan11
location: mulshi,pune 300ft above msl
plant habit:herb

Without the leaves its hard to ID


SYMBIOSIS : 159:  Thistles are in bloom at this place. Quite a number of butterfly species visit these flowers. Attaching an image in which there are four Common Leopard and a Grey Pansy butterfly on the flowers of Thistle.




Id-270212-PR-2: Plants from North Gujarat
Asteraceae sp
Flower purplish
Road side and in cultivated field



efloraindia: 261111 BRS206:

Pl. find the attached file contain photos for id. request.
Location: NBNP Garden, Anaikatti (640MSL) Coimbatore Dist.,
Date: 25.11.2011
Habitat: Garden
Habit: Herb

Some Asteraceae member, flowers are not properly focused,, please provide some more and good photos if possible.

??Vernonia cinerea


Cilacap Compositae?:  Could you help me to id another Compositae? from paddyfield in Cilacap please. Thank you. 



Cilacap Asteraceae 2: A herb in paddyfield. ID is requested.



20072011GS1 a cultivated herb from Kashmir for ID: Small cultivated herb grown in Botanical garden, below Cheshmashahi in Kashmir; looks like a miniature sunflower hardly 2.5 cm across, with small 2-3 cm long leaves. Gardener gave the name something like sanuicalia. Does it give any clue about its identity?



Ajibarang Asteraceae: Could you identify our Compositae please.

Should be Erigeron sp. (E. linifolius may be)…

Looks like some Conyza sp. to me




Asteraceae herb for identification 060712MK02: Please help me to identify this herb species found along the road sides of Vaalparai region.

Height: 20 cm
Flower: 1cm long
Leaf: c.8cm long
Place: Vaalparai, TN
Date: 29 July 2012
Alt.: 930 m asl

This could be Emilia sp

Emilia coccinea (Sims) G.Don

but according to me it may not be Emilia sp.

Since the flowers are in an unopened condition I cannot say anything about the flowers but if we have a close look of the lower portion of the plant it is Youngia japonica.



Garden Flower for ID : 220112 : Oman : AK-2: Another garden flower, cultivated.

Taken in Muscat during March.08.
This is Sunflower or something else?



Herb for ID: SPC-013 : 19-09-12 : Baroda: Please help to identify this herb seen in a dry habitat in Baroda. No leaves seen.

… looks like a member of Asteraceae, these could be flower-heads which have lost all its flowers ?

Thanks … for the lead on the family. I have no idea because there were no leaves or anything on this herb except these white circular things.



Asteraceae memeber: This Asteraceae member i have collected from Madh Island , Gorai, its height up 1-2 ft. ID requested.



ID for Asteraceae member: This plant is submitted to me by a student for Identification and authentication and to issue certificate. This is a garden plant in Canada. Now Some one cultivated in Kerala. One of the student from Bangalore wanted to work on Phyto-chemistry aspect.

can any one help in this

Garden Flower for ID : 100711 : AK-3: Taken at the ‘Flower Show’ at Jijamata Udyan, Mumbai on 18/2/2011.
A small potted plant.

miniature aster.

miniature aster or china aster

If not wrong, it is Callistephus chinensis.

My guess- Bracteantha bracteata .
…, were d bracts papery ??

No Neha ji, it is not Helichrysum bracteata or Bracteantha bracteata now known as Xerochrysum bracteatum (Vent.) Tzvelev
Perhaps true identity has to be found



Attachments (2). 5 posts by 3 authors.
Sharing pictures taken at the Flower Show in Jijamata Udyan, Mumbai on 18/2/2011.
Posted earlier on our group. (Garden Flower for ID : 100711 : AK-3: )
Possible ids were Miniature Aster and Callistephus chinensis.

Rare colour … beautiful..




ID: KD sp. of Asteraceae from Guwahati:  Attached images are unknown (to me) sp. of Asteraceae. After dissecting the head and flower (floret) following featutres are found. Please ID for this species.
Date :12/11/2012
Location: Maligaon, Guwahati-11 [Dist- Kamrup(Metro)]
Habitat: Grows wild
Habit : shrub
Family Asteraceae
Capitulum : Discoid(Homogamous), 1.8cm, number of florets 4
Flower : Small, 1.5 cm, white in colour
Calyx : sepals 5, hairy, tip of the two sepal long & bent
Gynoecium : Carpel 2, 1.6cm, hairy.

Fruits :not seen


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