identification no170211sn3:
Please let me know which species of Senecio is this?

date/time jan11
location: mulshi,pune 300ft above msl
plant habit:herb

Without the leaves its hard to ID


Thistles are in bloom at this place. Quite a number of butterfly species visit these flowers. Attaching an image in which there are four Common Leopard and a Grey Pansy butterfly on the flowers of Thistle.


efloraindia: 261111 BRS206:

Pl. find the attached file contain photos for id. request.
Location: NBNP Garden, Anaikatti (640MSL) Coimbatore Dist.,
Date: 25.11.2011
Habitat: Garden
Habit: Herb

Some Asteraceae member, flowers are not properly focused,, please provide some more and good photos if possible.

??Vernonia cinerea


Cilacap Compositae?:
Could you help me to id another Compositae? from paddyfield in Cilacap please. Thank you.

Cilacap Asteraceae 2:
A herb in paddyfield. ID is requested.

Ajibarang Asteraceae:
Could you identify our Compositae please.

Should be Erigeron sp. (E. linifolius may be)…

Looks like some Conyza sp. to me

Herb for ID: SPC-013 : 19-09-12 : Baroda:
Please help to identify this herb seen in a dry habitat in Baroda. No leaves seen.

… looks like a member of Asteraceae, these could be flower-heads which have lost all its flowers ?

Thanks … for the lead on the family. I have no idea because there were no leaves or anything on this herb except these white circular things.


Asteraceae memeber:
This Asteraceae member i have collected from Madh Island , Gorai, its height up 1-2 ft. ID requested.

Blumea ??

Can not say


ID: KD sp. of Asteraceae from Guwahati:
Attached images are unknown (to me) sp. of Asteraceae. After dissecting the head and flower (floret) following featutres are found. Please ID for this species.
Date :12/11/2012
Location: Maligaon, Guwahati-11 [Dist- Kamrup(Metro)]
Habitat: Grows wild
Habit : shrub
Family Asteraceae
Capitulum : Discoid(Homogamous), 1.8cm, number of florets 4
Flower : Small, 1.5 cm, white in colour
Calyx : sepals 5, hairy, tip of the two sepal long & bent
Gynoecium : Carpel 2, 1.6cm, hairy.

Fruits :not seen


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