Barleria buxifolia L., Sp. Pl. 636 1753. (syn: Dicranacanthus buxifolia (L.) Oerst.); 
India (peninsular India, Punjab) as per Catalogue of Life;
Have pasted the key to both the species along with some additional notes from the paper by Shendage & Yadav (who have examined B. mysorensis from near Rishi Valley) herewith:

Plants glandular-hairy; flowers pedicelled, pink; outer sepals linear-lanceolate, entire, twice longer than inner ones. – B. mysorensis
Plants not glandular-hairy; flowers sessile, white or sky blue; outer sepals broadly ovate, dentate, four times longer than inner ones. – B. buxifolia

Members, please help to id this species.

This Acanthaceae member was found on the dry tracts of Nilgiri forest area at an altitude of 400 – 500msl.

Grows up to a meter high having flowers of 2 2.5cm across.
date: 21 Jan 2010

Barleria buxifolia, i suppose.

Please id this Acanthaceae member found in the rocky slopes of Satyamangalam RF.
Date: 09 Jan 2010

It is Barleria species—-Acanthaceae

i hope this plant is Barleria obtusa.

This is not Barleria obtusa

could this be Barleria buxifolia ?
For me it matches.

I think it has been already identified in an another link. It is Barleria buxifolia.



Acanthaceae week: Barleria buxifolia – Box-Leaved Barleria: Barleria buxifolia  
Box-Leaved Barleria
(Pls correct me if I am wrong)

2-3 feet, Shrub Native
Katnal village, Krishnarajanagara, Mysore

See my postings on this plant a few days back..  Photos taken in Mysore city.

… My interest …. many Barlertia-s are medicinal… did not know any with so many thorns….



Identification of Plant- Barleria sp. : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (3)

Pl. help me in identification of the Barleria sp. recorded at Palladam, Tirupur Dist, Tamilnadu on 26-07-05.
Thorny, spreading subshrub of about 1.50 feet. 
Stem angular, swollen at the nodes. Pair of spines placed perpendicular to the leaves at the nodes.. Leaves round with acute tip.

Barleria buxifolia L.
plant/jan16/1 : 2 posts by 2 authors.
Request to identify Barleria sp.? taken on the way to Ghati Subramanya.

Barleria buxifolia.


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