Barleria species ?;




On 17/8/08 in Talakona forest, AP. For Id 090908JM2 – indiantreepix | Google Groups



13022012 TBN 1 Plant for id from Alagarkoil:

Please identify this plant , details as follows :
Date: 18.2.11
Habitat: Wild
Habit: Small tree
Height:10 feet
Leaves :as in picture
flowers and fruits as depicted
Tamil name: not known

We may need the flower to reach any valid guess, I think.

I am just throwing my initial guess for these pictures with a request to check for the flower and confirm.

The pictures remind me of Blepharis of Acanthaceae family.

Could it be Phaulopsis imbricata?

Please check with Barleria nitida



Garden Flower for ID : Kenya : 180711 : AK-3: Taken at Nairobi, Kenya on the 23rd & 30th of Jan,2009.
A small garden plant….Acanthaceae.
Can be Asystasia or Primrose?

Barleria sps.

Could it be some Ruellia sp.?


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