Ponytail Palm;


Nolina recurvata from Cactus Park Panchkula:
Nolina recurvata from Cactus Park Panchkula

Date/Time-Sep 2011
Location- Place, Altitude, GPS-Pune
Habitat- Garden/ Urban/ Wild/ Type-Private garden
Plant Habit- Tree/ Shrub/ Climber/ Herb- potted plant
Height/Length- upto 1.5 to 2 ft i think
Leaves Type/ Shape/ Size- leaves like pineapple but slender and longer
Flowers Size/ Colour/ Calyx/ Bracts- not seen
Fruits Type/ Shape/ Size Seeds-Not seen
Others  bottle shaped base

So is this Beaucarnea recurvata, also named Nolina recurvata, the Ponytail Palm and Elephant Foot

old man’s hair… another name… and makes a nice bonsai… i have one…

Wow liked the name but why so ? leaves are green?

when they are fully grown, and aging they turn brown and look kinda ugly… one of my first ones… a new gardener trimmed them to up to the green parts… when I was dismayed.. he said he was beautifying it!!!
I have a picture of an old one with an old man standing/posing next to it from a few years ago at the hort garden in calcutta… but where i filed it …??/ mystery… I’ll share it here when I find it…


Request Tree ID 36 Bangalore – Is it screw pine?:
11 th main road, indiranagar, Bangalore

Its a Yucca sp,

To me this looks like a very old and slightly deformed plant of Beaucarnea recurvata.

Deformed in the sense, usually it is swollen at the base in young stage and in normal condition even when it grows older, but sometimes it does look cylindrical and the base is just broad and partly underground.

Thanks, … It looks like Beaucarnea recurvata.

Beaucarnea recurvata, the Ponytail palm (though it is not a true palm) is a species of Beaucarnea.
The ponytail palm is native to the states of Tamaulipas, Veracruz, and San Luis Potosí in eastern Mexico.[1]
The plants have a very noticeable caudex, for the purpose of storing water. Beaucarnea recurvata, or Ponytail Palm, is native to Mexico.
Beacarneas are closely related to Yuccas and thrive under the same conditions.
Plants have dark green, grass-like leaves that are 1 inch (2.5 cm) wide by 6 foot (2 m) long.
They have swollen bases for water storage and can store water up to 1 year. Plants in nature will reach about 30 feet (10 m) in height with a base about 12 feet (4 m) across. In containers, they will only reach about 8 foot (2.5 m) in height.
They make an excellent houseplant if they are not over-watered.


ornamental-1 from Hooghly19-11-12 sk1:
I found some ornamental strange looking plants in the same compound where i found some ferns. My search yields zero.

Species : UNKNOWN (a Asparagaceae member?, Pleomele sp.?)
H & H : ornamental in a private compound, about 5 feet high
Date : 12/11/12, 11.23 a.m.
Place : Hooghly

I hope Nolina recurvata now known as Beaucarnea recurvata, elephant foot, poney-tail

Yes sir, you are right

Araceae, Arecaceae and Zingiberaceae Fortnight:: Palm for ID (NSJ-17) : 5 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (1).
palm for ID – Photo taken at Sikkim (Apr 09)

It is Beucarnea recurvata.
Common name Pony Tail Palm.

Wiki indicates that it is a member of the family Asparagaceae, is it correct?

It is not palm. It is monocots -Asparagus family.


Beaucarnea recurvata (K.Koch & Fintelm.) Lem. : 9 posts by 3 authors. 5 images- 6 mb or more.
Location: Kalimpong, WB, India
Date: 25 November 2019 
Elevation: 1350m.
Habitat: Cultivated

Awesome. A rare opportunity to encounter the inflorescence. I grew this plant in Chennai. it did not flower even once in 15 years.

Thank you …  You are absolutely right. Mine not yet flowered in 30 years which I brought from this place whereas this particular plant had flowered twice so far!



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