Begonia concanensis A.DC., Ann. Sci. Nat., Bot. IV, 11: 126 1859.;
be-GON-yuh — named for Michel Begon, 18th c. Governor of St Domingue, French Canada
¿ kohn-CAN-en-sis ? — of or from Konkan (coast of Maharashtra, India)
The identification key is as follows (reference : Flora of Maharashtra : BSI)
Male sepals elliptic 1.2 cm across………… B.concanensis
Male sepals almost orbicular 2.7 cm across…….B.prixophylla
According to Dr Almeida the most obvious difference is in the size and shape of leaves with Begonia concanensis having smaller, ovate leaves and B. prixophylla having larger, broad leaves which are almost round.


Apsara konda Falls, Near to Apsara konda beach, Fringes of Western ghats: 14 Oct 2010;
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Kindly identify this Begonia sp (Begoniaceae)
Habit: Herb
Habitat: Wild, Semi-evergreen forest
Sighting: Bhadra Tiger Reserve, Chikmagalur, Karnataka, about 1200 msl
Date: 03-09-2015

Pl. check Begonia concanensis A.DC. as per comparative images at Begonia

Begonia canarana Miq.  ??  POWO

Please check Begonia crenata Dryand!

But I think it looks different as per Begonia crenata