Bidens pilosa L. ?;


at a height of about 2000 mtrs in Dharamshala region- Aug’09?; Request for ID of HP Flora – indiantreepix | Google Groups


Seen in the first week of July.

A wild plant.

Any other images ?

This is the other picture I have. Leaves can be seen clearly, but not the flowers. Taken in a hurry. Attachments (1)

Images at Bidens pilosa L. in efi

I guess correct ID !


Dalhousie id Al010212a:  Another flower found in September

Location Near Dalhousie
Altitude 1400 mts
Habit herb
Habitat wild
Height 2 feet

Season September

This should be a Bidens species.

Maybe it is B. pilosa… but I am not an expert… soooo will wait for confirmation..

Bidens pilosa

FoC: Ray florets absent or (3-)5-8. FoI : The heads bear about four or five broad white ray florets

And corolla patterns also look different.

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