Billbergia pyramidalis (Sims) Lindl., Bot. Reg. 13: t. 1068 1827. (Syn: Billbergia andegavensis André; Billbergia atrorosea Drapiez; Billbergia bicolor Lodd. [Illegitimate]; Billbergia croyana De Jonghe ex Lem.; Billbergia fasciata var. splendens Beer; Billbergia fastuosa (C.Morren) Beer; Billbergia lemoinei André; Billbergia loddigesii Steud.; Billbergia longifolia K.Koch & C.D.Bouché; Billbergia miniatorosea Lem.; Billbergia paxtonii Beer; Billbergia punicea Beer; Billbergia pyramidalis var. bicolor Lindl. ………….; Billbergia schultesiana Baker; Billbergia setosa Baker [Invalid]; Billbergia splendida Lem.; Billbergia thyrsoidea Mart. ex Schult. & Schult.f. …………..;  Bromelia nudicaulis Rchb.; Bromelia pyramidalis Sims; Jonghea splendida Lem. [Invalid]; Pitcairnia fastuosa C.Morren; Tillandsia farinosa Schult. & Schult.f. [Invalid];           Aechmea setigera hort. ex E. Morren; Billbergia atropurpurea hort. ex E. Morren; Billbergia farinosa K. Koch ex E. Morren; Billbergia peruviana hort. ex E. Morren; Billbergia rhodocyanea hort. ex K. Koch & Bouché; Billbergia setosa hort. ex E. Morren; Billbergia speciosa Carrière; Billbergia thyrsoidea var. mibiato-rosea (Lem.) E. Morren; Billbergia thyrsoides De Jonghe; Billbergia tricolor hort. ex E. Morren; Jonghea croyana Lem. ex E. Morren; Jonghea splendida Lem. ex E. Morren);
Foolproof Plant, Flaming Torch, Summer Torch;




 at Jijamata Udyan on the 8th of November, 08; Billbergia Pyramidalis : Flaming Torch : AK – efloraofindia | Google Groups




PR-23-04-11 To ID a Bromeliad,:  I got the most delightful surprise today while watering my plants. This
bromeliad had burst into bloom without my having noticed the bud forming.

I was thinking of Billbergia sp.

It is Bilbergia pyramidalis

Billbergia pyramidalis var. concolor



On 1/8/09 in a park in a Hyderabad Nursery, AP.; For Id -070809Jm2 – indiantreepix | Google Groups



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