Bismarckia nobilis Hildebr. & H.Wendl., Bot. Zeitung (Berlin) 39: 94 1881. (Syn. Medemia nobilis (Hildebr. & H.Wendl.) Gall.; Medemia nobilis (Hildebrandt & H. Wendl.) Drude);
Bismarck palm;    


My apologies for sending the wrong is the Bismarckia nobilis palm photo:  Goofed up and attached the wrong file earlier. Here is the young Bismarckia nobilis palm photo.



Araceae, Arecaceae and Zingiberaceae Fortnight: August 1 to 14, 2014 : Arecaceae : Bismarckia nobilis : Hyderabad & Bangalore : 160814 : AK-43 : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (5).  
Seen at Ramoji Film City & Lalbagh, Bangalore.

Palm Tree for ID : Lalbagh,Bangalore : 120113 : AK-1: A medium size palm tree seen in Lalbagh, Bangalore on the 24th of July,2012.
Cultivated, ornamental palm.
Id please.

Bismarckia nobilis.




Please help me to identify this palm grown in garden in a private property. Total height including the fronds doesn’t exceed 3 metres. The fruits about 2 cm long.
Place: Sivakasi town, TN
Habitat: Garden (dry locale)
Date: May 2010 

Pritchardia pacifica ?

Bismarckia nobilis

Ornamental Palm for identification 280213MK01: Please help me to identify this palm tree found in a private property in southern part of TN.
The fruits are 2 cm long; I can’t see any flowers.
Date: 20 Aug 2010
Place: Madurai district, Tamil Nadu
Alt.: c. 150 m asl

Is it Licula?

Bismarckia nobilis.

Could be a Bismarckia species.




Attached are pictures of Bismarckia nobilis captured at Hiranandani Powai, Heritage Gardens in January 2013.





Ornamental Palm seen on 3rd Apr,16.

Bismarck Palm?

Is it Bismarckia nobilis?

Thanks for suggested id.

Thanks, … for the Id. To me also it looks like the images in Bismarckia nobilis

Thanks … I take the id as Bismarckia nobilis.



Bismarck palm ? : 3 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (4)
Location Jaipur Rajasthan
Please identify 

You have any other pictures showing the habitat with foliage (full). 

Pl. check with images at Bismarckia nobilis Hildebr. & H.Wendl.
To me appears close.



Ornamental Palm for ID : Nasik : 06OCT18 : AK-3 : 8 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (4)
Ornamental Palm seen in Nasik during August,18.

Kindly help in id.

Please post the photographs of the habit as well as the leaves for ID.

yes you need them for id as … has asked or then for further refinement all those that you have submitted

I seem to have missed replying to these posts earlier. These are the only good pictures I have. Will take more pictures when I revisit the place.

Pl. check comparative images at 

To me appears close.

Images by Aarti S Khale (Id by Shrikant Ingalhalikar) & N Muthu Karthik (Id by Ajinkya Gadave & Andrew Henderson) & Alka Khare (Inserted by Nadeem Waqif & J.M.Garg) 





Palm Tree for ID : Mumbai : 26APR19 : AK-13 : 8 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (4)

Palm tree seen at a garden in Thane.

To me it looks like Bismarckia nobilis.
Experts, kindly validate.

Looks close.

Need to check this Palm from Dattaji Salvi Udyan as well.
Name given was Red Lattan Palm, with the reddish line on the edges.
But the other Red Lattan Palms that I have seen are more red in color.
Probably they were young plants.
…, do we have a Palm Species expert who can validate?

Appears close as per images at Bismarckia nobilis  

I too believe it is Bismarckia nobilis.

Thanks for the id. There are two palms close by.

First was shown as Bismarckia nobilis and the second one above as Red Lattan Palm.
If you happen to revisit the place, please do have a look at both the palms.



Palm for id : 8 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (1)- 6 mb. 
Request for I’d of cultivated palm from Bilaspur. Photographed in August  2020.

Bismarckia nobilis Hildebrandt & H.Wendl.!

I concur with … ID.



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