commonly known as: silk cotton tree • Andaman: didu, dumboil • Bengali: সেমল semal • Kuki: inpang • Malayalam: കല്ലിലവ് kallilav, പൃള prila • Manipuri: খুমন তেৰা khuman tera • Marathi: देव सावर dev-savar • Sanskrit: कूटशाल्मली kutasalmali • Tamil: கல்இலவு kalilavu.
Native of
: India, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam
BOM-baks — from the Greek bombyx (silk), referring to the silken fibers from this tree
in-SIG-nee or in-SIG-nay — remarkable or distinguished



Bombax insigne : 6 posts by 4 authors.
Bombax insigne at Sagargad near Alibag in Dec 09. The flower colour may vary from white, pink to yellow. This was an unusual colour. The corolla was about 20 cm long, lobes were oblong and stamens were in 5 bundles of 50 each. Abundant nectar flows down the flower and is favoured by the birds.

Bombax insigne
today at Kanakeshwar, Alibag (5.1.10)
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… commonly known as: silk cotton tree • Andaman: didu, dumboil • Bengali: সেমল semal • Kuki: inpang • Malayalam: കല്ലിലവ് kallilav, പൃള prila • Manipuri: খুমন তেৰা khuman tera • Marathi: देव सावर dev-savar • Sanskrit: कूटशाल्मली kutasalmali • Tamil: வெள்ளைக்குங்கிலியம் vellaikungiliyam

Though there is a record of the Tamil name ‘Vellai kungiliyam’ for this species (source?), this name generally refers to Boswellia serrata or Vateria indica. An another (appropriate) Tamil name available for Bombax insigne is ‘Kal ilavu’.

yes, I goofed up, … BUT, do not know where 🙂 Would … kal ilavu … be spelt like this கல்இலவு ?
OR better still, is it possible for you to put it in the native script ?

what you have written in Tamil script is exactly correct!…,


TSP-JAN2016-03-03: Images of Bombax insigne (Malvaceae) : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (7)

It is my pleasure to share few images of Bombax insigne (Malvaceae 

Habit: A large butressed tree 

Habitat: Moist decidous forest fringe 

Sighting: Balehonnur, Chikmagalur, Karnataka, about 1100 msl 

Date: 28-11-2015


Pseudobombax species:
I observed many trees of Pseudobombax flowering on 22/23 Dec 2010 near Rajapur Konkan. I think these are Pseudobombax ellipticum. Pl. validate or otherwise. The trees were totally leafless. Some trees were also spotted in Ambaghat. Pseudobombax ellipticum is a non native tree and originates from Mexico but observing these trees in large numbers raised a doubt in my mind. Is it some other species?

-This is Bombax insigne. Also this is its flowering season.

Bombax insigne !! very rare in bengal but seen few of them.


Today at Mhasala,Raigad:

(Mixed thread): 2 correct images as above.
Today at Mhasala, Raigad (Maharashtra)
1:  Reinwardita  indica
Local marathi name : Pivali abai
Plumbago indica
Local marathi name : Lal Chitrak
3:  Solena amplexicaulis
Local marathi name: Gometi
4:  Bombax ceiba (Yellow)

–  Nice photographs but Photograph 4 is Bombax insigne.


Malvaceae week :: Bombax insigne:
Bombax insigne  Wall.

BOM-baks — from the Greek bombyx (silk), referring to the silken fibers from this tree
in-SIG-nee or in-SIG-nay — remarkable or distinguished
[image: Bombax insigne] <http://www.google.com/flickr.com%2Fphotos%2Fdi…>
Feb 2, 2008 at Tungareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary
commonly known as: silk cotton tree • *Andaman*: didu, dumboil • *Bengali*: সেমল semal • *Kuki*: inpang • *Malayalam*: കല്ലിലവ് kallilav, പൃള prila • * Manipuri*: খুমন তেৰা khuman tera • *Marathi*: देव सावर dev-savar • *Sanskrit *: कूटशाल्मली kutasalmali • *Tamil*: கல்இலவு kalilavu
Native of: India, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam

   – [image: … the rarer
Bombax] <http://www.google.com/flickr.com%2Fphotos%2Fdi…>…
Dec 12, 2009 at Yeoor Hills (part of Sanjay Gandhi National Park)
– [image: Prila (Malayalam:
Dec 21, 2008 somewhere on Kumbharli Ghat
– [image: Khuman Tera (in
Dec 21, 2008 somewhere on Kumbharli Ghat
– [image: Silk-cotton
Feb 7, 2009 at Tungareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary
– [image: Bombax
Dec 13, 2009 at Yeoor Hills (part of Sanjay Gandhi National Park)
– … more views:

Malvaceae week : Bombax insigne:
Observed in Konkan near Rajapur Dec.
Dev sawar देव सावर


Bombax insigne:
Seen this tree en route Khopoli from Khandala (Maharashtra).
Bot. name: Bombax insigne
Family: Bombacaceae
Habitat: Wild
Plant habit: Tree

Nice shots …
I also observed some trees on way to Mumbai.
This is the typical flowering time earlier than that of Bombax ceiba


Few observation in Dec & January (on early flowering):
Below mentioned trees were seen in flowering in last two months..as discussed earlier that the micro change in environment impacts on such early flowering…in Mumbai Wildlife Region.

Bombax ceiba (Dec)
Bombax insigne (Dec)
Butea monosperma (Dec)
Memecylon umbellatum (Dec)
Schleichera oleosa (not flowered, but got new red color leaves) (Dec)

earth’s heating up…..one more proof!!!!
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sorry to see the glaciers disappearing in Alaska and the Himalayas and the Kesuda (Butea) and Shimul (Bombax) flowering in December in Maharashtra…
I wonder if we are too late to be able to reverse some of the damage caused..

even when people r aware globally abt d disastrous impacts of global warming , they keep doing all a same mistakes- playing politics over environmental issues, relentless burning fossil fuels , destroying forests n water conservation on papers.
Yes I think ” we are too late to be able to reverse some of the damage caused.. “

Bombax insigne
Unusual white coloured flowers
of Bombax insigne
At Phansad WLS,Maharashtra.
15 Jan,2012

I also observed the same at Bhimashankar WLS on one day and when I visited that tree after a week or so it was the normal color.. could it be the part of flowering process.


Bombax insigne:
Bombax insigne
Today at Phansad, WLS, Maharashtra

Nice Photograph … Flower looking beautiful in the sky colour background.


Bombax insigne at Matheran-Prabal Valley:
Sharing few pics of Bombax insigne.
Family: Bombacaceae
Local name: Dev-savar
Location: “Matheran- Prabalgad Valley, Panvel region, Maharashtra”.
Date/Time: 05-02-2012 / 10:00AM

Astonishing pictures..very-very beautiful…


Bombax insigne (Bombacaceae) : Attachments (1). 4 posts by 4 authors.
This flower was collected at Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, Goa from a tall tree in semievergreen forest.

Very nice picture!


Bombax insigne flowering : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (6).
Sending a few photographs. Please also check this link : Google Groups

Nice set of photographs.. Thanks … for sharing..

Malvaceae Fortnight
mallow family
Bombax insigne Wall. … Also placed in: Bombacaceae
at Yeoor Hills on December 5, 2010
at Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary on January 24, 2010 
at Tungareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary on December 18, 2009 
at Yeoor Hills on December 12, 2009 
at Tungareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary on February 2, 2008 
at Yeoor Hills on December 13, 2009

Oh yes. Excellent.


Malvaceae Fortnight :: Bombax insigne:: Khopoli:: PKAJUL22 ::: :  1 post by 1 author. Attachments (3)

Seen this tree en route Khopoli from Khandala (Maharashtra).
Bot. name: Bombax insigne
Family: Bombacaceae
Habitat: Wild
Plant habit: Tree


Bombax insigne.
Family: Bombacaceae
Local name: Dev-savar
Location: “Matheran- Prabalgad Valley, Panvel region, Maharashtra”.
Date/Time: 05-02-2012 / 10:00AM
Habitat: Wild
Plant Habit: Tree


Malvaceae fortnight :: Bombax insigne:: Rajapur : SMP41 : 1 post by 1 author. 1 image.
Bombax insigne
Rajapur Konkan


Bombax with yellow flowers – indiantreepix | Google Groups : 7 posts by 5 authors.
Sending you a similar picture of a Bombax ceiba with yellow flowers taken on Tulsi road in the Borivali National Park in Feb 2007.
A pink flowering variety which has longer petals and pods called Bombax insigne also exists.

1) We have a yellow flower tree in Katraj Ghat known as Divyachi Phule (Lamp Flower) is it same as this?
That fowers this month only. Gives deep vilet fruits of brinjal (Vange) type and has cotton.
2) Pink silk cotton is in large numbers in Delhi
3) Singapur silk cotton tree has small lemon colored flowers, grows very fast and the bark remains green. The cotton can be easily harvested as pods dont open immediately

As far as I know it, B cieba has dark crimson flowers while Bombax insigne has yellow/cream flowers.

‘Lutea’ is the term generally used to describe the yellow-flowering variety of a species, but in Bombax insigne the flowers can be either white, pink or even scarlet.

Useful link http://ecoport.org/ep?SearchView&itableId=63001

B. ceiba has both colours – red / pinkish red and yellow. Yellow is not very common, only few trees can be seen at select localities. We have spotted one near Andhra lake. ref to photo by Pravin. – Sawar or yellow silk cotton tree.
B. insigne has yellow, cream, red & pink flowers as seen in different localities. But it flowers before B ceiba somewhere in December – Jan and is uncommon. Photo sent by Neil is B. insigne ie Dev sawar.
Cochlospermum religiosum (In Marathi Sonsawar or Ganer) is different than both above. Sent by …


Red/Yellow silk cotton tree @ Yeoor – indiantreepix | Google Groups : 9 posts by 5 authors. Attachments (2)
During the butterfly festival, i came across both the silk cotton trees Red/Yellow, these both trees were very next to each other.

They are both Bombax insigne. The Yellow Silk Cotton Tree [Cochlospermum reliogosum] is not native to this area [and is therefore not found here in the wild unless planted].

Thanks …, but why is there diff in colouration. If not YSCT then which specie is it?

Bombax ceiba is the Red Silk Cotton Tree. A similar fast growing species B. insigne [found mainly in South India] differs from the above in having a trunk that is usually unarmed, flowers that have larger petals and many more stamens [approx. 400 as opposed to B.ceiba which have only about 75].
Sending you a photograph of the Yellow Silk Cotton Tree [Cochlospermum religiosum] for comparison. Attachments (1)

These trees create a lot of confusion.
Cochlospermum religiosum – Ganer – has yellow flowers but flowers are very different from that of red silk cotton tree. Does it produce silk cotton ? so that it can qualify as Yellow silk cotton tree.
Bombax insigne – Dew sawar – is found in Ghats too. Have seen it growing & flowering at very particular locations on western sides of Ghat roads joining Desh & Kokan in a narrow ‘altitude belt’ (like Bor ghat, Kumbharli ghat, Tamhini Ghat, Varandha ghat, Poladpur) This has large flowers, long petals & long, many stamens. Various colours seen are yellow, pink, bright red, dull red, whitish.
Dew sawar flowers in Dec – Jan while Kate sawar flowers after Feb – generally.
Bombax ceiba – Kate sawar – Red silk cotton tree – is most common. Huge trees with red flowers, spiny barks & branches. Their pods have the famous silk cotton. We have seen & photographed unusual yellow variety of Bombax ceiba. Two – three trees were seen with shades ranging from yellow to pink. But one tree had all yellow flowers.  
one more variety – Ceiba pentandra – popularly known & sold as Sawar – found planted in cities with green, smooth bark & white flowers, hanging green pods. This is not native to Maharashtra but always confused with Kate sawar.

Think you have forgotten to mention the Mexican Silk Cotton Tree, also called the Floss Silk Tree [Chorisia speciosa]. The tree is common along the eastern coast of our country in Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry. It is an fast-growing,ornamental deciduous tree with a greenish bottle-shaped trunk studded with large spines and bears yellowish flowers. C.insignis [White Floss Silk Tree] is also a large tree bearing numerous beautiful flowers at first yellow, later fading to white.

Chorisia speciosa most usually has intensely pink flowers and a yellow throat, although the species is highly variable and there are many cultivars. It is referred to colloquially in the west as the “Pink Silk Floss Tree”.
Two different cultivars:
Chorisia insignis has white flowers, and is much less common in cultivation:

…, chorisia speciosa (pink variety) has been taken up by Horticulture dept of Delhi on a large scale. so many roundabouts in Delhi are full of these trees laden with flowers in Oct. I thought that it was only a few decades back brought from South America. If it is native, I stand corrected.

‘Flowering Trees of Bangalore’ has some lovely photographs of both. I am attaching it.

Bombax ceiba above

Bombax insigne above
Bombax ceiba and insigne:
Red/Yellow Bombax ceiba and Bombax insigne for comparison

It can clearly be observed that Bombax insigne has far more number of stamens than Bombax ceiba.


at Kanakeshwar, Alibag- 5/1/10; at Khandala-Khopoli Highway, Maharashtra on 15th Jan., 2010; 08-12-09 in
the Kallipaara hill, Thattekad, Kerala;

Tree for ID-201209-RK-3 – efloraofindia | Google Groups
Bombax Species – efloraofindia | Google Groups
FW: [Indiantreepix] – indiantreepix | Google Groups


Tree for ID, Andaman NAW-FEB21-01: 1 image.
If possible, kindly identify the tree. I have only a photograph of the flower, the local name of the tree is “Jangli Didu“.

Bombax ceiba L.

It could be Bombax insigne Wall.. Any leaf image?

I too agree with you …


Konkan, MH :: Bombax (?) for validation :: ARK2021-029: 2 images.
Seen this tree in the ghats near Rajapur, Konkan, MH in the last week of December 2020.
I am hoping this is Bombax insigne.
Requested to please validate.

Do you have more pictures. Especially Stamens ?? Looks like Bombax ceiba

Bombax insigne Wallich  ??

I do not have any further pics. This was the only flower on the tree. Considering this was just December (end), I thought this could be B. insigne.
But you may be right.
…, even I thought or rather hoped that it was B. insigne, I have never seen one so far.

Bombax insigne for me


Adding images of Bombax insigne: 4 high res. images.
Plant name :- Bombax insigne Wall.

Date:- 11/02/2023
Location:- Arboretum cum medicinal plants Garden, The M S University Of Baroda, Vadodara Gujarat.
We have conserved this Bombax sp. Many year ago in our Arboretum, on my 21St birthday i went in Arboretum to plant a 3 endangered plant species as birthday celebration when i complete my work and then after my eye captured some flowers on Bombax insigne then i captured some photographs of it and today flower is fallen down to the ground, so i dissected it and observe all parts of Bombax insigne.
I’m also adding that i seen this flower first time in my life 😍
Special note :- Stamens are long and numerous, arranged in bundles of 509 (As i counted stamens my self) or more and completely filling the flower cup.