Brassica oleracea L., Sp. Pl. 667 1753. (syn: Brassica oleracea var. viridis L. …..) ?;


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Location: Bajrabarahi,Nepal 
Altitude: 4700 ft.
Date: 31 December 2016

Wild or cultivated?

I have no idea. Found single plant on the roadside near people habitat !
Some edible saag/subji ?

Pl. see comparative images at Brassicaceae

Pl. check comparative images at Brassica
Also check images at Brassica napus L. subsp. napus

An image showing cauline leaves would confirm, but look of the leaves suggests B. oleracea

OK …


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Kindly identify this leafy vegetable photographed on a farm in Anuppur district, Madhya Pradesh in March 2019.

Pl. check comparative images at /species/a—l/b/Brassicaceae

over grown sarsav ka saag: brassica juncea? but if it is overripe leaves where are the mustard pods? the bluish leaves are brassica also 

The farmer calls it zingy mustard, must be as you say a cultivar of sarson ka saag.

do the farmers find mustard seed pods?

Pl. also check comparative images at Brassica

Most probably Brassica juncea  var. japonica. 

Thanks, … But I could not find any such variety in Catalogue of Life.

Could it be Brassica rapa var. japonica?

The images referred to in the websites by … are actually very similar to the plants in my photos, the key issue is the age of the plant. In my images the plants have already started flowering and hence the broader leaves. These plants looked very much like the Brassica napa var. japonica cultivar mizuna before bolting.

the fact that leaves are glaucous and bluish green, not green suggests that it can’t be B. rapa, nor it can be B. napus in which leaves are of this colour but cauline leaves clearly auricled in both B. rapa and B. napus.

Since lower cauline leaves are somewhat stalked and upper almost sessile, it has to be a cultivar of B. oleracea.

Pl. check for Russian Kale as per Google search.