Brassicaceae Week :: PKA21-Thanks Everyone :: Mustard Fields at Switzerland: This is my Last post for the Brassicaceae Week. Sharing photographs of the Mustard fields from Switzerland…

Mustard is very confusing term and it could belong to B. juncea, (leaves not amplexicaul/auricled), B. rapa (leaves amplexicaul, green, flowers bright yellow, overtopping the upper buds), or B. napus (leaves amplexicaul, pale yellow, overtopped by buds, leaves glacous).

Brassicaceae Week Java 2:  We are too late. We need your help to id our Brassica please.

Place: at top of Ratangad (~3564 ft asl), near Bhandardara, Maharashtraon map
Time: January 14, 2012 at 2.44pm
Habit: small erect ¿ herb ?, about 6″ – 7″ high … not sure if would grow to become a shrub
Habitat: near a cave dwelling.
Flower size: about 8 – 10 mm

this is a crucifer as you might be knowing, the flowers look little different for my guess, but this can be a Sisymbrium sp.

Yes, this looks like some Brassicaceae sp.  

Many many many thanks … and … there are very good chances that this be the mustard plant, Brassica juncea (family: Brassicaceae) … guessing so, because the food trekkers get certainly have mustard seeds added as spice. The leaves at this stage of growth may look different from what it would in a mature plant.

Brassicaceae Week ::180911- PKA14- :: Unid?? at Turtuk, Ladakh: This plant was spotted near Turtuk, Ladakh. Looks like escape from Home garden. Could this be Mustard??
Date/Time: 19-08-2011 / 04:55PM

3 species of Brassica cultivated in Ladakh:
B.juncea (Mustard)
B.oleracea – several varieties
B.rapa (Wild Turnip)
Not sure. More mature fruits and views of lower foliage would have helped. 


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