Bupleurum ramosissimum var. wightii (Mukh.) S.S.R.Bennet (syn: Bupleurum mucronatum Wight & Arn.; Bupleurum ramosissimum var. mucronatum G.Panigrahi &
S.C.Mishra; Bupleurum wightii P.K.Mukherjee (ambiguous synonym)) as per Catalogue of Life;
Sri Lanka, India (E- to S-India) as per Catalogue of Life;

Common name: Nilgiri Thorowax



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Friends photographed this herb in Satpura tiger reserve on 11-10-09

Please id this herb  

Some species of Bupleurum, I suppose
I wonder whether this genus is recorded from the area.

yes … there are two species Bupleurum wightii and Bupleurum plantaginifolium are reported from Bori and Pachamari area in Flora of Pachmari and Bori Reserves by BSI, I think this is Bupleurum wightii.
thanks for giving id clue 




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Name: Bupleurum wightii

Family: Apiaceae
Date: 20 Jan 2010
Place: Satyamangalam RF; found among tall grasess
Dear members,
Is the name correct? or does it have any revised synonym?

This plant is Bupleurum wightii, but in the link you will get hold the page related to Bupleurum from the Flora of Eastern Ghat from there u may also get the name of two new indian species.

I hope this can be any Bupleurum species.


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i had collected this specimen from Kalahandi, South Orissa.
Details: Height-up to 34 ft
Flowering: Oct-Nov
Fruiting: Dec
Altitude: 800 to 1200 met.

Bupleurum species, Apiaceae, most probably B. falcatum Species recorded from the area may be checked.

Bupleurum falcatum
.. I was wondering what is the difference between B falcatum and B mucornatum?

thanks for the conformation.

Bupleurum falcatum is not reported from India as per Catalogue of life
So it has to be something different. 

Bupleurum falcatum in FBI had three varieties

var: marginata (Wall.) Hook.f., leaves with cartilaginous margins, middle cauline leaves often amplexcaule but narrowed towards base…..now  synonym for Bupleurum marginatum Wall. ex DC.  
var. hoffmeisteri Klotz., cauline leaves less acuminate, numerous, scarcely amplexicaule,carpels gaucous with prominent ridges,  now  synonym for Bupleurum marginatum Wall. ex DC. 
var. nigrocarpa (Jacq.) Hook.f, stemens numerous from crown, leaves amplexicaule broadest at base, bracts 3-4,  half-ripe fruits purple-black, synonym for Bupleurum gracillimum Klotzsch & Garcke 

Bupleurum falcatum – Indian Institute of Integrative Medicinewww.iiim.res.in › herbarium › apiaceae › bupleurum_falcatum

I think this should be Bupleurum ramosissimum var. wightii (Mukh.) S.S.R.Bennet as per images, details and references herein