Burmannia pusilla (Miers) Thwaites, Enum. Pl. Zeyl. 325 1864. (syn: Burmannia coelestis var. pusilla (Miers) Trimen; Cyananthus pusillus (Miers) Wall.; Gonianthes pusilla Miers);
India, Assam, Sri Lanka, Indo-China as per WCSP;

Burmannia pusilla is reported from India and Indo-China. In India is known to occur in Goa, Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Assam, Meghalaya and Tamil Nadu (Cook 1996).

Native: Cambodia; China (Yunnan); India (Assam, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Meghalaya, Tamil Nadu); Lao People’s Democratic Republic; Malaysia; Myanmar; Singapore; Thailand; Viet Nam
This species is locally common in Karnataka (G.K. Bhat pers. comm. 2011) and it might be locally common in other hilly areas of its global distribution (S. Karuppusamy pers. comm. 2011).
It is a annual herb, found in damp and wet places, on wet rock ledges and around drying pools (Cook 1996). 
Citation: Rao, M.L.V. & Karuppasamy, S. 2011. Burmannia pusilla. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species 2011: e.T194145A8882176. http://dx.doi.org/10.2305/IUCN.UK.2011-1.RLTS.T194145A8882176.en. Downloaded on 11 September 2016.



Bhandara hill ranges, Maharashtra- Aug’09?;  Begonia species for ID. – indiantreepix | Google Groups




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