Velneshwar in Konkan;

from the forests of Velliangiri Hills on 29 March’ 09;



For identification:  Please help me id. Images are not so clear
Picture had taken from B.R Hills, Chamrajnagar, Karnataka
Date of taken:06.09.2012
Habit: Tree
Fruits rounded, red color when ripped.

This tree looks more like Capparis grandis.

Yes i also agree

It looks like Capparis sepiaria which is a straggler. But there are no flowers to identify.


I.D PLEASE: Name-unidentified herb


place-Haripal,district-hooghly,West Bengal.

Looks very much like a Capparis. Could be C.zeylanica?


Plz id this climber: pa27 – 3nov2012:  Plz id this large woody climber from Yeoor region. I did not see flowers or fruits. I am attached the photos of the spines and the leaves.

This a species of Capparis possibly Mastodi [C.sepiaria].