Images by Gurcharan Singh & (Narendra Joshi – Id by Amit Chauhan) 






A wild flower for ID
Location – Gulmarg Hills (Trek Route)
Habitat – Wild herb
Photo taken on May 31, 2011
Flower size ~ 10 mm

Brassicaceae Week: Cardamine macrophylla from Kashmir: Cardamine macrophylla Willd., Sp. Pl. 3: 484. 1800.

Perhaps one of the most beautiful species of this genus a perennial herb up to 1 m tall, sparsely branched; leaves pinnate with 3-10 pairs of usually lanceolate leaflets 3-6 cm long, terminal leaflet slightly longer; flowers lilc or pink 10-15 mm across in up to 25 cm long racemes; pedicel up to 2 cm long in fruit; petals broaly obovate; siliqua linear, 30-50 mm long, glabrous.
Common in Gulmarg forest, along roadsides and Khillenmarg in Kashmir.


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