Cerastium cerastoides (L.) Britton, Mem. Torrey Bot. Club 5: 152 1894. (Syn: Alsine multicaulis (Willd.) E.H.L.Krause; Arenaria argaea (Boiss. & Balansa) Shinners; Arenaria trigyna (Vill.) Shinners (Unresolved); Centunculus alpinus Scop.; Cerastium argaeum Boiss. & Balansa; Cerastium cerastoides var. foliosum Kozhevn.; Cerastium cerastoides f. glandulosum Micevski; Cerastium cerastoides var. lanceolatocalyx Hazit; Cerastium elegans Fisch. ex Ser.; Cerastium intermedium Williams; Cerastium lagascanum C.Vicioso; Cerastium lapponicum Crantz; Cerastium nivale D.Don ex Nyman; Cerastium obtusifolium Kar. & Kir. [Illegitimate]; Cerastium refractum All.; Cerastium rupestre Fisch. ex Ser.; Cerastium stellarioides Hartm.; Cerastium stellarioides Hegetschw.; Cerastium trigynum Vill.; Cerastium trigynum var. brachypetalum Lange; Dichodon argaeum (Boiss. & Balansa) Ikonn.; Dichodon cerastoides (L.) Rchb.; Provancheria cerastoides (L.) B. Boivin; Stellaria cerastoides L.; Stellaria elegans Ser. (Unresolved); Stellaria multicaulis Willd. (Unresolved);


Khillenmarg on June 20, 2010; 29-09-2010: Shea Goru after crossing Hampta pass (approx. 12500 ft altitude);



Is this Chickweed?: This seems to match mountain chickweed as shown on FOI. would that be right?
Date/Time- Oct 2011
Location- Himachal Pradesh,  Kullu and Spiti valley, 12,000ft altitude
Habitat- Wild, rocky area, with some vegetation 


Cerastium cerastoides from Paddar Valley J&K: Bot. name: Cerastium cerastoides
Family: caryophyllaceae
Location: Paddar valley J&K
Altitude: 3100 meters
Date: 2nd August 2011

Yes … Good photographs



Caryophyllaceae Week: Cerasium cerastioides from Kashmir: Cerastium cerastioides (L.) Britton in Mem. Torr. Bot. Club. 5: 150. 1894

syn: Cerastium trigynum Vill.
Small perennial herb barely reaching 15 cm with erect to ascending stems, glandular-pubescent in upper part; leaves oppoite, oblong-lanceolate, up to 15 mm long, lower in axillary fascicles; flowers white in lax few-flowered cymes; pedicels longer than sepals, both glandular-pubescent; petals twice as long bilobed; styles 3; capsule almost twice as long as calyx with revolute teeth.
Photographed from Khillenmarg alpine meadow, Kashmir.  


Caryophyllaceae Week: : Cerastium cerastoides from Hampta Pass- PKA1:  Came across this herb at “Shea Goru” after Hampta Pass.
Bot. name: Cerastium cerastoides
Date/Time: 29-09-2010 / 11:40AM
Location: Shea Goru after crossing Hampta pass (approx. 12500 ft altitude).

Yes … VVery good photographs.



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