Sahara to NW. India; Algeria, Chad, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Guinea, India, Kenya, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Pakistan, Sudan, Yemen as per POWO

Herb or undershrub 10-35 cm tall. Bark whitish, fissured. Branchlets 4-angular, corky. Leaves ovate to oblong, 0.5-3 x 0.4-1 cm across, base obtuse to cuneate, margin dentate-serrate and ciliate, coarsely toothed, apex acute, scabrous, charteous, dark green of the dorsal side and slightly lighter on the ventral side, densely villous on both the sides, lateral veins 3-5 on either side of the midvein, arcuate at the margins, Petiole canaliculate, densely villous about 0.5-1.5 cm long, exstipulate. Inflorescence solitary spike, both terminal and on branches, densely villous, about 6-10 long, Peduncle about 1 cm long. Flowers lax cream coloured, spiral. Calyx tubular, 5 toothed, teeth unequal acute, margin ciliate, ribs hyaline. Corolla hypocrateriform, cream colored 5 lobed, lobes suborbicular to ovate, unequal, Corolla tube cylindric, slightly curved about 0.2 cm long. Stamens 4, didynamous, anther filaments filiform, ovoid. Ovary oblong, glabrous, Style slender about 0.5 mm long, Stigma capitate. Fruit schizocarp composed of 2 cocci, oblong, glabrous with parallel furrows, black when matured.

Open dry areas, hill slopes on sandy soil.
Local Distribution: Delhi, Gujarat, Rajasthan. Global Distribution: Asia: India, Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia; Africa: Algeria, Chad, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Guinea, Kenya, Mali, Nigeria, Somalia, Sudan.
(Attributions- Ganeshaiah, K. N., UAS, Bangalore, India. Kailash, B. R., UAS & ATREE, Bangalore, India. Indian Bioresource Information Network (IBIN), Department of Biotechnology, New Delhi, India as per India Biodiversity Portal)


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Plant from smriti van Jaipur

For  ID(ID-DKB151)

Photo Taken

look to me as a Striga species –Scrophulariaceae

This is Stachytarpheta X trimeni a Verbenaceae member. This is actually a hybrid species. You can see a detailed nomenclature of this taxon in Revised Flora of Ceylon.

It is not same.

May….Bouchea marrubifolia a member of Verbenaceae.
This plant also reported from our area -Kachchh Arid Zone (Gujarat).

It is not same.

I think … id is correct. New name Chascanum marrubifolium Fenzl ex Walp.


Chascanum marrubifolium Fenzl ex Walp.: 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (1)
Chascanum marrubifolium Fenzl ex Walp.
A perennial undershrub, (20-) 30-60 (-90) cm tall, much branched with branchlets usually densely pubescent. Leaves suborbicular, ovate to broadly elliptic, 1-2.5 (-4) cm long, 0.5-3 cm broad, coarsely dentate, obtuse, puberulous, prominently veined; petiole 5-12 mm long. Spikes terminal, continuous, (3-) 5-15 (-25) cm long with somewhat appressed flowers. Flowers white, sessile, bracteate; bracts 3-5 mm long, lanceolate, pubescent with ciliate margins. Calyx tubular, exceeding the bracts, up to 6 mm long, 5-ribbed and minutely toothed on truncate apex, pubescent, usually splitting longitudinally outside in fruit. Corolla more than twice as long as the calyx tube, 10-12 mm long, slightly inflated below the limb; lobes 5, short, suborbicular, 2-2.5 mm in diameter, spreading. Stamens 4, didynamous, included, with very short, glabrous filaments and ovate anthers. Fruit dry, 3-4 mm long, with two 1-seeded, linear-oblong, glabrous, almost smooth pyrenes; seed c. as long as the fruit.
Fl.Per. Almost the year round
8 Aug,2009
Smiriti Van, Jaipur, Rajasthan


Plant ID help SD0104: 4 images- 2 high res.
Found near Neemrana on top of an Aravalli hill

No idea. Seems to be scrophulariaceae member

Anyone knows about the Genus and species?

Verbenaceae ??

A member of Verbenaceae

Yes looks like Verbenaceae/ Lamiaceae

Chascanum marrubiifolium Fenzl ex Walp. [Verbenaceae].

This should be Chascanum marrubiifolium Fenzl ex Walp.
In Rajasthan locally known as ‘Bai’.


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Flora of Tropical East Africa – Verbenaceae (1992) By Bernard Verdcourt

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