Chlorophytum glaucum Dalzell, Hooker’s J. Bot. Kew Gard. Misc. 2: 142 1850. (Syn: Anthericum nimmonii J.Graham; Hartwegia nimmonii Dalzell ex Baker);


identification no131011sn3:
I think this is Chlorophytum breviscapum. Kindly validate.
plant habit:herb
height:reaching upto 2-3 ft.

I guess Chlorophytum glaucoides

… since anthers larger than filament, most possibly C. glaucum. Refer to earlier post in the group at efi thread

Chlorophytum glaucum:
Name of the Species: Chlorophytum glaucum
Common/Local Name: फुल्कड़ी
Family: Liliaceae
Photographed on: 14th August`09
Photographed at: Kas Platue, Satara, Maharashtra
Habitat: Hill slope, in Western Ghats
Description : Found it on the way to Kas lake while trekking down, on the rocky slope.


Regarding the identity of Chlorophytum:
Herewith i am sending 3 photographs
DSC_0960 – Image showing Chlorophytum collected by me at Dandeghar, Panchagani
DSC_0967 – Image showing diffetence between flower structures 1. Large anthers – Dandegher, Panchagani 2.Small anthers – Old Mahabaleshwer
Aerial Photograph – Which shows that you have reported C. bharuche on this location..(Unfortunately i have deleted that mail some days before so i dont have that photograph)
DSC_0878 – Image showing Chlorophytum collected by me at old mahabaleshwer.
Please tell me in these photographs which one is C. glaucum and which one is C. glaucoides
and about C. bharuchae ( I am sure that the plant collected by me are not of C. bharuchae)

…, actually you are one among the few whom I look up for Chlorophytum IDs !!
I may have mistakenly impressed that I know Chlorophytum species.
My “reported C. bharuchae” lasted only for a brief period.
When queried in eFI, … corrected my doubt.
Please find the discussion here … efi thread
Thus, there is no C. bharuchae in my (flickr) collection.
In your above posted photos:
the first flower must be C. glaucum (the anthers are larger than the filament)
the second could be C. glaucoides
Thus, DSC_0960.jpg also looks to me C. glaucum, and DSC_0878.jpg could be C. glaucoides
All this said with help of your simple key (responded to me alone) to distinguish the two: glaucum and glaucoides
The same key is put at the end of discussion at … efi thread
Please wait for comment(s).
I may stand to be corrected.

ok sir, i am waiting to clear my confusion between C. glaucum and C. glaucoides

Please add some description like height of Plant , tubers, length of Inflorescence ….


Please identify this species of Chlorophytum – NS080912:
Photographed at Khandala 2 weeks ago with … Please identify this species of Chlorophytum.

Its probably Chlorophytum nimonii

I am surely say that this is Chlorophytum glaucum. (100% sure)

Thank you all for your inputs. This definitely looks like Chlorophytum glaucum.

KAS Week::(Chlorophytum glaucoides – 07/10/2012 NJ):  
Chlorophytum glaucoides – (Kapar Musali-Marathi)

Here the bracts are forming a cone at the apex of scape before flowering hence this is C. glaucum. The leaves also differ in shape, lanceolate in C. glaucoides and oblanceolate in C. glaucum.

Chlorophytum glaucum—-for sharing and validation : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (3).
Pic taken at amby valley rd., lonavala, pune in oct13.

Affirmative. This looks like the Scaly-stem Chlorophytum. Please check this link : Google Groups

Requesting to please ID this Chlorophytum species captured at Rajgad near Pune in Sep 2014.
I saw 2 individuals (Type 1 and Type 2) around 50 metres away from each other, do both of these belong to the same species?

Both looks same and may be C. nimmonii (orchidastrum). Please check specimen.

Plant which shows single flower with bloom (in the middle of inflorescense) is of Chlorophytum glaucum and the inflorescense shows the open flower at the top with small anther is of C. glaucoides

Thank you … for the IDs… What are distinguishing factors to separate the two?

The flower characters which you captured are sufficient to distinguish them

Chlorophytum Sp??051209PKA1 : Attachments (3).  4 posts by 3 authors.
Came across this Chlorophytum sp. flower & its capsules on the way to Harishchandragad (Via Nali chi vaat) . (29-11-2009).
Kindly help me in its identification.

…………… looks like Chlorophytum tuberosum

Chlorophytum borivilianum Santapau & R.R.Fern.

Chlorophytum glaucum as style is diclinate and anther length is equal to filament length.

Chlorophytum glaucoides

Thanks, …
… has earlier suggested:
Chlorophytum glaucum as style is diclinate and anther length is equal to filament length. “


Please identify this lant: 1 high res. image.

Chlorophytum !

Where and when was it clicked?

I went went agency 150 km kakinada of Andhra Pradesh
I saw and collected this plant sir …sir is it Chlorophytum

Yes, it is Chlorophytum

looks like chlorophytum glaucum; but roots and measurements of organs help in easy correct id.