Hemionitis opposita (Kaulf.) Christenh., Global Fl. 4: 18 (2018) (syn: Adiantum scandicinum Willd.Cheilanthes cadieri ChristCheilanthes melanocoma BoryCheilanthes mysurensis Wall. ex Hook.Cheilanthes opposita Kaulf.Cheilanthes swartzii Webb & Berthel.Cheilosoria mysuriensis (Wall. ex Hook.) Ching & K.H.ShingOeosporangium elegans (Poir.) Fraser-Jenk. & PariyarPteris elegans Poir. ); 
India, Sri Lanka, China (Fujian, Guangdong) to Indo-China: China Southeast, Hainan, India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Vietnam as per POWO;


Fern for id 080610MK2 – efloraofindia | Google Groups:

Please help to id this Pteridophyte, found over marshy rocks closer to a water falls in a dry thorn forest area.
This fern is found growing along with Bryophytes.
Sorry for the picture with inadequate details.
Place: Mudumalai wls, Nilgiris, TN
Alt: 600 msl
Date: 05 May 2010

width of leaves: 5-6cm

Length: ca.20 cm

Then I think these are the leaves of Cyathocline purpurea many times without flower peeople mistake it as fern !! Check out

Cheilanthes sps.

to me it does not look like cyathocline. It looks like Cheilanthes feei or C. lanosa of Pteradaceae.

This seems to be Cheilanthes alabamensis ?

May be C rufa also. complete photo of a frond and sori may help in confirmation

Cheilanthes mysorensis

POWO  Catalogue of Life (Oeosporangium elegans(Poir.) Fraser-Jenk. & Pariyar ) GBIF (High resolution specimens) Flora of China  FOC illustration  Flora of peninsular India  India Biodiversity Portal

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