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Glebionis segetum (syn. Chrysanthemum segetum) is a species of the genus Glebionis, probably native only to the eastern Mediterranean region but now naturalized in western and northern Europe as well as China and parts of North America.[2][3][4] Common names include corn marigold and corn daisy.

Glebionis segetum is a herbaceous perennial plant growing to 80 cm tall, with spirally arranged, deeply lobed leaves 5–20 cm long. The flowers are bright yellow, produced in capitulae (flowerheads) 3.5-5.5 cm in diameter, with a ring of ray florets and a centre of disc florets.[5]

Glebionis segetum is widely naturalised outside of its native range, colonising western and central Europe with early human agriculture; it can be an invasive weed in some areas.

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Date/Time : 23rd of October, 2008/ 10.59 am.
Location Place : Kodaikanal … Altitude : 2100 meters … GPS
Habitat : Garden … Type : cultivated
Plant Habit : Herb … Height : small plant
Leaves Type :  … Shape : as seen … Size
Inflorescence Type :  … Size
Flowers Size : about 2 inches … Colour : Yellow … Calyx :  … Bracts
Fruits Type :  … Shape :  … Size :  … Seeds
Other Info :
Fragrance : did not smell …  Pollinator :  …  Uses :  
Is it Chrysanthemum?

I think this is not Crysanthemum sp this is variety of Sunflower or Helianthus sp.

It is most probably Chrysanthemum segetum

Thank you Sir I was not atall aware of this Chrysanthemum species ….hence it fooled me and I said it looks like sunflower. thank you sir for updating me.

This seems to be Chrysanthemum segetum.


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