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chrysanthemum 2-

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efloraofindia:”10092011MR2’’ Crysanthemum Pune:  Sharing picture of Crysanthemum

Garden Flowers for ID : Kenya : 260611 : AK-3:  Taken at Nairobi, Kenya on the 1st of Feb, 2009.
A cultivated garden plant.

I think this is Chrysanthemum

Indeed, shall send some fotos from garden in a separate mail.

Thanks for all the efforts taken…. I saw the White Chrysanthemums that you have posted. They do seem to be different.

Can this be some Chamomile?

looks like a wild variety of chrysanthemum. the leaf structure is similar.

I too think it is more like chrysanthemum than Chamomile, because of the leaves.

Chrysanthemum parthenium ???
not sure, if it grows in Kenia.
      has many medicinal uses.

ID for Ooty Botanical Garden plant: There is an upload by … on Indian Flora Facebook group. He has posted the attached flower reported to be photographed at Botanical Garden, Ooty in June `12. I would be happy if someone can help in IDing it.

Flora of Haryana: Beautiful Chrysanthemums from Botanical Garden of CCS HAU Hisar:  Beautiful Chrysanthemums from Botanical Garden of CCS HAU Hisar

Oh what a colourful Asteraceae bonanza.

Botanical Garden CCSHAU Organize Chrysanthemum Show every year in Dec or jan and after show plants are made available to general Public for sale

Plant for ID 24112012:  Plant found in garden of doda (j&k)
Elevation.1107 mtrs
Average temperature. 25 degree centigrade

Chrysanthemum cultivar

Pant for ID 24112012AMF03:  Plant found in garden of soda. j&k
Average temp 25 degree

I hope you meant Doda

Another Chrysanthemum cultivar

efloraofindia:”For Id 02032013MR1’’ Chrysanthemum species at Pune:  

Jan 2013
requesting identification of this Chrysanthemum spp at a private society garden at Pune

Reposting to Id the sp of this Chrysanthemum plant. At ahsng soc garden at Pune My previous post at efi thread


Asteraceae Fortnight Part I-Radiate heads: Ornamentals- Chrysanthemum from HAU and IB College- NS 18 : Attachments (17). 5 posts by 4 authors.

These are very lovely flowers, I wanted to share them.. as this a very widespread ornamental and thousands of cultivars are available.. I just love to call them “GUL-E-DAUDI”… and am scared of going to proper identification..these shots are from Botanical garden of HAU, Hissar and from IB College, Panipat..

Wow! Splendid photos.

Asteraceae Fortnight Part 1-Radiate Heads: Chrysanthemum ‘L’Innocence’ from California-GS45 :

Attachments (2). 1 post by 1 author.
Chrysanthemum ‘L’Innocence, a common ornamental and cut flower in California.

Asteraceae Fortnight : Part 1 – Radiate Heads : Request For ID : Kodaikanal : 140513 : AK-45 : Attachments (1). 1 post by 1 author. This picture was posted by me earlier (Request For ID – 170310 – AK-2)
Request for ID: 170310-AK-2 – efloraofindia | Google Groups
Picture taken in Oct,2008.
A possible id by … was Chrysanthemum coronarium.
Which is this id then?
I am confused.

Chrysanthemums : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (1)
Here is a photo of Chrysanthemum show from Lahore.