from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia– Nov’09?;  Clerodendrum for ID – efloraofindia | Google Groups


Host plant identification:  In the photographs a host plant is infested by the plant stem parasite Cuscuta reflexa . Is the host plant Clerodendrum inerme (Verbenaceae)? Please for ID.
Date/Time : 07.06.12
Location : Mirza, Kamrup district, Assam
Type : shrub( hedge plant)
Flower colour/size : white

Affirmative! For me, this is a rare photograph of this plant being infested by a parasitic plant . The leaves are very very bitter and untouched by even goats. Please send the close up of the flowers if possible for final confirmation.


ID is requested.  A shrub, flowers white, small fruits green-black with persistent red calyx.
Location Mount Slamet, ca 1000 m alt. Central Java.

Looks like Clerodendrum wallichii 

Pl follow this link
I hope my ID is correct.

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