Wooly Congea, Shower Orchid, Shower of Orchid; 
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Recently I had been to Sri Lanka and have photographed few plants/Flowers. As this country is part of indian sub-continent, many of the plants are common in both the countries. From today onwards, I’ ll be posting some of the photographs. Kindly help me in identifying them or otherwise enjoy the beauty.
This creeper of pink flowers was simply amazing. We could hardly see any leaves on it. Any clue ?

Congea tomentosa–Shower of Orchids (Verbenaceae).




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Please ID this climber with white flowers. Photo was taken in Fiji in Sep 2013

This should be Congea tomentosa of Verbenaceae.






Bush for ID : Lalbagh,Bangalore : 120113 : AK-3: A shrubby bush seen in Lalbagh, Bangalore on 24/7/2012.

Flowers having three petals.

Could this be any Hiptage species (H.benghalensis ?). A guess.

Thanks for a possible id.
This could be Congea tomentosa. … had posted it from Hakgala Garden, Sri Lanka earlier.
Experts kindly confirm id please.