Cordia boissieri A.DC., Prodr. 9: 478 1845. (Syn: Lithocardium boissieri Kuntze)
Texas Wild Olive, White Geiger, Anacahuita;
Texas Olive is an evergreen tree, growing to 20 ft tall, native to North America. The tree spread to 10-15 ft. 
This small tree is very rare found and believed to be close to extinction.  
The silvery green leaves have a velvety texture and the showy, white flowers appear all year round, given enough watering is availale. Otherwise, the flowers appear from late spring to summer.
Flowers are 3 inch wide, trumpet shaped, with yellow throats.
The olive-like, white fruits have a sweet flesh popular with birds and other wildlife and, although edible to man, should not be eaten in quantities 
(Reference: Flowers of India)


Small tree/Shrub for ID-190609-RK-3 : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (2)
Request ID for this plant. Is it a Lagerstroemia species?
Pic taken Lalbagh, Bangalore on 140609.

Looks like “Cordia boissieri “. 





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