29/04/2011/YRP/01/Chethalayam, Wayanad,Kerala.: Pictures of Gmelina arborea, tree, leaves and fruits.
Date & Time 29/04/2011
Location: Place, Altitude, GPS  Chethalayam, Wayanad.
Habitat: Garden, Urban, Wild Type:      Wild
Plant Habit: Tree, Shrub, Climber, Herb Tree

Am not really convinced that this is Shivan [Gmelina arborea]. Please check.

This looks like Bhokar {Cordia dichotoma]. Sending you some of my photographs of a Bhokar tree which looks very similar. This tree was photographed at Karnala WLS and identified by Dr.Almeida.

This is not Gmelina.

.. picture of fruiting twig may be of Cordia obliqua var. tomentosa (not very sure, but).
However, the image of seedling is of Gmelina arborea, i think. Young leaves are variously angled/dentate in G.arborea.

Could be C.wallichii syn. C.obliqua var. wallichii ; C.tomentosa. Please check for the following characters for confirmation. Grey stellate Leaves broadly ovate with 2 basal nerves, pubescent undersides of the leaves ( debsely grey stellate opubescent undersides of leaves).  Larger flowers compared to C.myxa with white hairy calyx lobes and the  ovoid or globose, acuminate orange fruit. 
This tree is common in Coorg and Western Ghats. (Ref. Forest trees of  South India  by S G Neginahal, I F S  ) pp. 266, publ. 2004)

But, to me, these pictures represent at least three trees (i may be wrong, though): Tree 1-unripe fruit (IMG 5576); Tree 2-ripe fruits (IMG 5591). These two must be Cordia, as also stated by .. and … , as
the fruiting calyx is enlarged and persistent. The young leaves (pl check the following links to see leaf margin) and the twig with only leaves (i.e. IMG 5592; pl see the leaves are different from that of IMG 5591) may be from one tree which i think is Gmelina arborea. But only you can confirm this. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_0HaYveCOm0A/S7ywYOmVNvI/AAAAAAAAAwE/Nb6Uwlf…

Friends, I seem to have created quite a bit of confusion. Have however just taken pictures of the two trees separately. Shall attach the pictures and hopefully, we should have a clear picture. Or, I think it would be better we close the thread and send the pictures of the two trees separately. 

03/05/2011/YRP/02/Chethalayam, Wayanad.: Am attaching the pictures of the second tree as per thread
29/04/2011/YRP/01/Chethalayam, Wayanad,Kerala. vide this mail. Please identify the tree for me.

This one is definitely a species of Cordia.

Cordia for sure. The flowers may reveal its identity. Though the leaves resemble the leaves of C.subcordata, the fruits are quite different.

Cordia macleodii:  Cordia macleodii
At Sagargad,Alibag

Generally the leaves of Cordia macleodii are more cordate heart shaped rather than elliptic oblong as seen here…. I am not aware about C.gharaf plant

Request for Identification 29072011MC3: Another identification request. I had posted this plant earlier but
had not got an identification confirmation. Tentatively identified as Cordia alba.
Location: Adyar Theosophical Society Gardens, Chennai
Plant Type: medium sized tree
Flowers: creamish white flowers
Fruits: Berry with large amount of mucilage

would need better picture of the inflorescence branching pattern, of the leaves (preferably front and back ) and the fruit… since its in a garden… it could be easily available..unless you were just visiting that town…

I am resending this so that all the photographs for the tree are available in the same thread. Tentatively identified as Cordia alba.

This could be Cordia lutea of Boraginaceae family.

How does one differentiate between Cordia dichotoma and C. lutea?

The character, upon which I decided the species is the serrated leaves and yellow flowers.
And between these two species; in Cordia dichotoma, leaves are small and margin is entire whereas in C. lutea, leaves are comparatively larger and the margin is serrated (especially towards apex).

i guess this plant and the plant posted by … from Victoria garden for id is same species..

Yes This plant seems to be the same as … plant as suggested by …, but does not look like C. dichotoma or C. sinensis. The closest match seems to be C. lutea, but flowers are much darker in C. lutea. This may be compared with Cordia dentata


Pictures of the same Cordia flowers taken by me at Jijamata Udyan, Mumbai and posted on our group earlier have been identified by …, …, … as Cordia sinensis or Gondi.

I had added two more pictures recently to my earlier post.

ID No. MS 030612 – 94- Boraginaceae week – Cordia species.: I am sending herewith the photographs of a tree – Cordia subcordata ?. The details are as follows.
Habit. Big tree.
Flowers : yellowish orange.
Place ; Chennai park
Dtae April 2007.
ID confirmation requested.

Pl. find the attached file contain photos for id. request.
Location: NBNP Garden, Anaikatti, Coimbatore (640 MSL)
Date: 27.06.2012
Habitat: Garden
Habit: Tree.

Any Cordia sp.??

Probably some Combretaceae member

This is Premna sp

At first look its is Premna to me also.
But its leaves are alternate. In Premna leaves are opposite. So that create some confusion regarding the ID.
The infloresecence and flowers shows similarities with Cordia genus.
So you please confirm the ID after rechecking.

Pl. find the attached file contain fruits of the same plant for id. confirmation.

The fruits seems like Cordia monoica Roxb. Please go through Cordia