Red Flowering Gum; 
Australia (Western Australia: near Nornalup, Denmark and the Frankland R.),
Taiwan (introduced), trop. Africa (introduced), Hawaii (introduced) (Kauai
(introduced), Oahu (introduced), Maui (introduced), Hawaii Isl. (introduced)),
China (introduced), Colombia (introduced), Canary Isl. (introduced) (Hierro
(introduced), La Gomera (introduced), Tenerife (introduced), Gran Canaria
as per Catalogue of Life;
S. Western Australia as per WCSP;



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This is Corymbia ficifolia, formerly Eucalyptus ficifolia, Red-flowered Gum.

Thanks, … for the Id.
Here are some interesting extracts from Wikipedia link:
Corymbia ficifolia or the Red Flowering Gum (previously known as Eucalyptus ficifolia) is one of the most commonly planted ornamental trees in the broader eucalyptus family. It is native to a very small area of south coastal Western Australia (measured in just tens of kilometres) to the east of Walpole (430 km Southeast of Perth), but is not considered under threat in the wild.
The common name, “Red Flowering Gum” is often used, but generally not to indicate Corymbia ficifolia in particular as opposed to it and other similar looking trees. The name is also something of a misnomer; all gums flower, many are red, Corymbia ficifolia is not really a “gum” but a bloodwood, and its flowers can be any shade between pale cream, through pink, to red, orange or deep crimson.
In nature Corymbia ficifolia prefers infertile, sandy soils but it is readily adaptable to most temperate locations, provided it is not exposed to severe frost or sustained tropical damp. It is an ideal street tree as it is hardy, moderately fast growing, and rarely grows large enough to require pruning.
It is difficult to graft but grows well from seed, typically taking about 7 years before it flowers for the first time and 15-20 years to reach something approaching its full size of anything between 2-8 m. For the home gardener, buying a “red flowering gum” from a nursery is something of an adventure: it may or may not be a ficifolia, and the flower colour does not breed true – there is no way to find out what colour the flowers will be short of planting a seedling and waiting for it to reach maturity.




s-Corymbia ficifolia

yes another eucalyptus that we dont see the northern hemisphere…

I think Australia is famous for its many Eucalyptus species. Am I right?

Thanku sir, it’s miraculas sp.

Yes … Worldwide 700 spp. of Eucalyptus and all but 12 spp are endemic to Australia.


A small tree seen in Limuru, which is situated close to the Rift Valley.

Pictures taken in Jan,2009.
Kindly validate.




Pictures taken in San Francisco on 30/9/14, close to the Golden Gate Park.

Kindly validate

Excellent post …




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Please ID the tree photographed in San Francisco during July 2020. 

Corymbia ficifolia, commonly known as the red flowering gum  ?

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